Sometimes You Want Chicken Instead of Fish – Doug Ford Wins Majority 2018 Ontario Election! 060718

Cornwall Ontario –   Thanks to Andrea Horwath Hudaking herself and Kathy Wynne being Kathy Wynne, Ontario has given Doug Ford and his PC party their confidence and elected him as our next Premier!

Premier Ford will have a majority government proving that he really was the best choice for the party after the political assassination of party leader Patrick Brown.

Horwath saw the NDP momentum fade after refusing to take action regarding some of her strange candidates while Ford dropped a candidate that played a key role in his winning the leadership.

Ford won early and often, including his own seat, thanks to new digital voting across the province.

We’ll be updating as this rolls up.


Congrats to Steve Clark & Randy Hillier, and that Green fellow….

The Muppet and Mean Nasty Woman lose to McDonell in SD&SG with almost 60% going PC.

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