CDSBEO Tells Parents Schools Will be Closed as CUPE & Ford Govt Huff & Puff @ Kids Expense in Ontario. By Jamie Gilcig POLL

November 3, 2022 – The Catholic School board in the Cornwall & SD&G area are giving parents notice that schools will be closed if CUPE goes on Strike Friday.

The Ford Government is preemptively triggering the Notwithstanding clause which seems barbaric.

At issue is the polarity of both sides. The Union, which clearly is Anti Ford after years of Liberal bribery, is demanding insane raises which they cite inflation as the cause. Claims of EAs making $39K per year plus generous benefits having to eat at Food banks really don’t gain empathy for most non government workers who don’t make close to what these folks make. Frankly if you earn that much and have long Summers to work extra or take time off, and are at a food bank you don’t need a raise. You need to learn how to budget.

As Ford Gov't & CUPE Screw Over Kids in Ontario Who Do You Think is More @ Fault?

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The Ford government essentially is playing hard ball with the unions with meagre ups for those earning above a certain line.

This situation is a fail on both sides. The union’s demands should be public friendly in this environment, and Premier Ford should not be kicking at his grudges for shoddy treatment by the unions.

In the meanwhile parents are concerned about what to do because, you know, schools are all about learning, and not simply warehousing kids while we go to work. (he typed tongue in cheek).

Frankly this writer thinks that both the minister and premier, as well as union leaders, should get detention until they act responsibly, put the kids first, and stop this nonsense.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have learned that CUPE, the union representing support workers in our Board, intends to engage in a full withdrawal of services to our schools on Friday, November 4. As we cannot safely operate schools without CUPE staff, all schools in the CDSBEO will be closed to students if a resolution is not reached today. We will continue to monitor and provide information to families as it becomes available to us.



  1. The have missed enough school already, don’t strike

  2. The greater Toronto area has the lion’s share of CUPE members in this dispute.

    The average rent for a studio apartment in Toronto is $1,750. The average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2,200, and the average rent for a 2-bedroom apartment is $2,775.

    Small wonder they want a raise… and btw, the wage increase may seem a bit large, but it’s making up for the piddling raises over the past 10 years.

    That being said, getting out of Toronto or any other over priced market is something that working people need to consider, and maybe pass that thinking on to their kids, since it seems common sense isn’t something they’re handing out at school.

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