November 3, 2022 – The Catholic School board in the Cornwall & SD&G area are giving parents notice that schools will be closed if CUPE goes on Strike Friday. The Ford Government is preemptively triggering the Notwithstanding clause which seems barbaric. At issue is the polarity of both sides. TheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   A stunning report just came out by the renowned Fraser Institute showing that the usually poorly ranking Cornwall Secondary schools all, each and every one of them plummeted in this year’s rankings. Leading the way to the bottom was St. Lawrence which ranked 708 out of 747Continue Reading

CFN – Grenville County and Elizabethtown-Kitley Township Trustee Brent Laton has begun his third term as Chair of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.  Mr. Laton was acclaimed to the position during the Inaugural Meeting of the Board on December 3, 2013.  Entering his twelfth year as a schoolContinue Reading