Brent Laton Acclaimed Board Chair, Todd Lalonde Acclaimed Vice-Chair at CDSBEO Annual Meeting Dec 4, 2013

toddlalondeCFN – Grenville County and Elizabethtown-Kitley Township Trustee Brent Laton has begun his third term as Chair of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.  Mr. Laton was acclaimed to the position during the Inaugural Meeting of the Board on December 3, 2013.  Entering his twelfth year as a school board trustee, Mr. Laton thanked his fellow trustees for their ongoing confidence in his leadership.


Mr. Laton said he welcomed the opportunity to continue to represent the Board. “I would like to thank my fellow trustees for the opportunity to return to this position as chair. I will honour the confidence that you’ve placed in me. I would also like to thank Director Gartland and Executive Council for their leadership. As we move forward, we will remain dedicated to achieving excellence in Catholic education.”


Cornwall Trustee Todd Lalonde was also acclaimed during the annual meeting, returning as Vice-Chair of the Board for the coming year.  Mr. Lalonde is now in his eighth year of service as a trustee.


“Seven year ago I was so fortunate to be elected as trustee. Thank you for the support you’ve given me, to help me understand this role, and its significance. We are all excited by what goes on in our schools. We are all partners working together toward a common goal. I am very proud to be part of this Board, and to have the opportunity to continue on in the role of Vice-Chair.”


Director of Education, Wm. J. Gartland, congratulated Mr. Laton and Mr. Lalonde. “I look forward to continuing the exceptional relationship that our administration has developed with all of our trustees. They continually demonstrate their commitment to Catholic education, and their work contributes to our Board’s reputation as a leader in this province. I know Mr. Laton and Mr. Lalonde will continue to provide excellent leadership at the Board table.”


The evening began with Mass, which was presided by Bishop Damphousse of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall. The Bishop offered his thanks to Trustees and senior administration for the work they do to preserve and protect Catholic education, and blessed all CDSBEO Trustees.


The 2010-2014 CDSBEO Board of Trustees are the following:


Mr. Ron Eamer – Trustee, City of Cornwall and Glengarry County

Mrs. Nancy Kirby – Trustee, Lanark County

Mr. Todd Lalonde – Trustee, City of Cornwall and Glengarry County

Mr. Brent Laton – Trustee, Grenville County and Elizabethtown-Kitley Township

Mr. Robin Reil – Trustee, City of Brockville, Town of Smiths Falls, and Leeds County

Mrs. Karen McAllister – Trustee, Dundas and Stormont Counties

Mrs. Sue Wilson – Trustee, Prescott and Russell Counties

Ms. Terron James – Catholic Student Trustee, 2013-2014



Director of Education Presents Annual Report


Director Gartland presented the 2013 Director’s Annual Report to the Board of Trustees at the meeting. “It is a pleasure to present to you the Director’s Annual Report, and to bring attention to the exceptional accomplishments of our Board over the past year,” remarked Director Gartland.


The report reviews successes in areas such as student achievement, faith development, and program initiatives. “The CDSBEO continues to focus on our strategic plan, and its three goals: Achieving Literacy for All, Living our Catholic Faith, and Making Resources Matter. Our success resonates in the accomplishments of our students, who continue to excel in their faith, as well as their academic achievements.”


The Director’s Annual Report is now available for viewing on the CDSBEO website (, and the video version is available to view on the CDSBEO YouTube channel (


The Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario operates 40 elementary and 10 secondary schools across eight counties. The CDSBEO offers excellence in Catholic education through provincial-leading programs to approximately 13,000 students.

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  1. Why were they merely acclaimed?
    Have we so few interested candidates?

    I have seen instances with in the boards where a position is designed to meet a specific individual wanted by the board. I hope this isn’t the case

  2. This reeks of backroom deals.

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