UCDSB & CDSBEO Failing as Cornwall High School Ratings Plummet 021818

Cornwall Ontario –   A stunning report just came out by the renowned Fraser Institute showing that the usually poorly ranking Cornwall Secondary schools all, each and every one of them plummeted in this year’s rankings.

Leading the way to the bottom was St. Lawrence which ranked 708 out of 747 schools across Ontario, down 163 from it’s previous rank in the chart above.

The drops hit both the Upper Canada District School Board and the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario.

Frankly in this writer’s opinion local school officials should be held responsible and none should be able to return next term.

Holy Trinity led the failings dropping a whopping 236 schools!

Education, one of the biggest tax expenditures in the province, clearly are not earning results in this community.


Nearby Brockville fared better with one school, Ange Gabriel ranked 4th in the province and two others ranked in the first half of schools.

Alexandria schools actually rose!

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Why do Cornwall schools keeping failing and turning out such poor rankings?

Is it economical?  Political?  A culture of bullying and ignorance?

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  1. A pile of nothing. It’s from the Fraser Institute. Some may value their “opinions”, others not so much!!

  2. Author

    Oh dear Hugger. Moneysense, Fraser, etc. Are they all a pile of nothing simply because our community ranks pooly? Would they be awesome if we were at the top?

  3. We agree to disagree again.

    No difference. Politically conservative and libertarian. I take any “rankings” by any organization with a grain of salt. They have their motives, which I do not care to discuss. If they don’t put “rankings” out then people might forget or care that they exist.

  4. This reminds me of the debate that ensues anytime Rolling Stone, etc comes out with a top 10 songs, top ten guitarist list.

  5. It’s the Fraser Institute FFS! Another useless, meaningless report.

  6. Furtz and I agree on something!!

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