Cornwall Ontario – One wonders what Councilor Mark A MacDonald has done to possibly offend Hugo Rodrigues, Managing editor of the Standard Freeholder?

Or maybe it’s simply safe for Hugo to snipe at Mr. MacDonald rather than tackle real issues with meat in them that  might cost the newspaper some ad dollars while pandering to City Hall?

Councilor MacDonald has identified a real core issue, that cutting services, and Cornwall has a meagre motley minimal mess of them, will get harder as the reality of the circus management of epic failure at City Hall is coming home to roost in an election year.

The scary thing is that the news is going to get worse, not better at City Hall where years of putrid management, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, bullying, and straight out illegal meanderings covered up at taxpayer expense has led us with no real infrastructure reserves, no real tourism, nearly nil economic development, and a bunch of senior managers pulling down Sunshine list salaries while giving out gigs to their “loved ones”  and friends while many in this town wonder how they will keep the lights on and pay their rent.

Adding revenue is a key to future survival, never mind success or growth.

[bs-quote quote=”Well, take a drive across the border to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort. Or go northwest to the gaming facility at the Rideau Carleton Raceway, now known as the Rideau Carleton Raceway Casino. Or, east to Montreal. Or, west to the Shorelines Casino Thousand Islands on this side of Gananoque.” style=”style-12″ align=”center” author_name=”Hugo Rodrigues” author_job=”Standard Freeholder Managing Editor”][/bs-quote]

Dear Hugo misses the point, and it’s a point so big that he’d mince an ow if he sat on it.   The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is a net drain on the City of Cornwall.  Our seniors flock over there burning through bingo and gambling dollars.   That dosh is not spent in our fragile local economy.  Our own bingo hall is barely surviving.

The same for the other casinos.   They do not add value to our community and region.

A casino, or gambling facility of any sort would create some jobs locally.  It would keep some cash in the community, and it might even draw a few people here.

It’s not rocket science.   Councilor MacDonald has a history of kinda sorta knowing the answer, but not knowing how to get to the answer.

Part of that is because of people like Hugo trashing his ideas instead of really working them as there is merit in keeping gambling dollars in Cornwall.    Since Hugo rarely adds to the conversation, or come up with possible solutions,  he too, like the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, simply drains resources from a City that desperately needs them.

Cornwall needs solutions.  You don’t have to have six degrees to see the problems here.  Just drive down Montreal Road, all the way to the Standard Freeholder offices.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Cornwall should have had a casino and a card room years ago.

    I live in Hull now, and Lac-Leamy is fun, classy, and a boon to our reputation and to our tourist industry.

    Sensible regulation, law enforcement, taxation, and programs to protect and support problem gamblers can serve as a counterweight to any potential negative externalities of a casino.

    Quit giving your money away, Cornwall!

  2. A little bit predatory but… maybe it is worth giving some thought to profiting from the thoughtless suckers and rubes that truck money from their own community, just to dump it in the lap of another.

  3. Our time to possibly get a casino came and went about five years ago. Trying to convince a private operator to invest and build a casino in Cornwall is long gone. With 5 casinos with 1½ hours of here an operator would be nuts to even think of doing it. And with all casinos in Ontario about to be privately operated and fees going to OLG there is not a hope in hell we;’d ever, ever get one.

  4. A bunch of spineless know it all’s at City Hall, they act like they are above everyone, secret flings from the CAO and HR Manager to managers who basically get paid to do very little or nothing. Upper city trash retaliates against all who have a voice or tries for positive change. As for the freeholder, well that’s as useless as our economic development office but hey the uppers have all answers.

  5. Author

    Hugger the Civic Complex would make a lovely gambling establishment. It makes zero sense to have waterfront city offices and a hockey rink. Stop swallowing Hugo’s trifles lock stock 😉

  6. WOW!!!

    I don’t agree. We were down this road five years ago with no success. I’m surprised MacDonald brought this up. But then again I’m not surprised, it is an election year!! And with 5 casinos with 1½ hours of here an operator would be nuts to even think of doing it. Besides we have enough issues here. Do we need to add gambling addictions to people who can’t afford it?

  7. I’m not so sure of the Casino debate, however, I thank Mark McDonald in trying to at least float ideas, to help our City to survive ! The other 10 occupying a seat (for now) have added zip to the budget fiasco ! Up to an 8 % increase, are you all insane ? Our newly minted Chief states, ” we have no fat to cut at the PD” ! The PD, does not need a Deputy, or a replacement for Snider. CUT !

  8. Author

    And maybe instead of retiring Snyder should have been held accountable for some of his historical allegations? I personally am seeing a trend of mysterious retirings instead of prosecutions. We recently saw the premature retirement of the Swastika Principal Trish Brown. The mysterious sudden retirement of the former poobah of the school board also was allowed to retire. Can taxpayers keep affording these “retirements” instead of certain civil servants doing their appointed jobs?

  9. Author

    Hugger people will issues with all sorts of issues. At least if we have revenue locally these poor souls will have some resources for treatment locally instead of pumping their misery outside and then we locally paying for their messes.

  10. 5 casinos, just a short drive from Cornwall, almost all located in large tourist areas and you think Cornwall with a very low average income can host such a facility?? No way! As you pointed out, Cornwall cannot even keep a bingo hall busy!

    No sorry Jamie, but you are way off the mark on this one!

  11. I tend to agree with Hugge1. Not a bad idea just to little too late. With numerous casino options in the region Cornwall would finish in all likelyhood dead last as a destination for this type of venue. Cornwall has location and opportunity but no one with vision to lead the charge. Disappointing.

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