Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams Issues No Comment After CUPE Rejects Leave Clawback Proposal by 92.5%

Cornwall Ontario –  Taxpayers and users of city services are in the fog as to what will happen next regarding the strike by over 400 CUPE workers for the City of Cornwall.

The City has put itself in an apparently untenable position by attempting to see short term leave rates clawed back, something former HR Manager Robert Menagh referred to as a “Motherhood” issue.

Asked via email by CFN earlier today new Information Officer Emma Meldrum said there would be no release from the city at this time.

One CFN viewer commented yesterday after a tragic bus accident near Prescott Ontario:

Can you imagine if that happened near Cornwall with our reduced Paramedics working because of the strike?  People might have died.

CUPE sent out the following:

Cornwall city workers vote on employer’s last offer: 

CUPE statement on vote results

(CORNWALL, ON) – Votes conducted today on the City of Cornwall’s last offers to four striking Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) locals have yielded an averaged 92.5% rejection of what the employer has proposed.

The City asked us to take their last offer directly to our members, and we have done that, using the documents submitted by the employer to the Ministry of Labour last week. Our members have voted, and we have communicated the results to the City of Cornwall. We expect they will respect the democratic outcome of these votes.

CUPE has invited the City right back to the bargaining table for tomorrow, Tuesday June 5th.  CUPE is prepared to do all we can at the bargaining table to resolve this quickly, and return vital services to normal for Cornwall residents.  Will the City commit to do the same?


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  1. Am I surprised by the lack of response from the city? Not at all.

    Rock and a hard place. Pick one!!

  2. Well this city council hopefully will be out this upcoming election!

  3. Author

    Bob it’s not so much about this council being gone, but putting a good one in that will fix the problems of city management. We need to be Brampton 2.0 and get rid of corruption, cronyism, and rewarding managers that miss their marks and forget that they serve all of the public; not just those in the clique.

  4. Mr. Menagh like anyone who works in HR should know that sick benefits off limits. Mr. Menagh did reduce non union Long Term Disability Benefits but he didn’t have to negotiate that since non union have no protetion. Interestingly the only one not impacted was Mr. Fitzpatrick.


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