Like all media today CFN faces revenue challenges.   We face more of them because of the City Hall led conspiratorial boycott of this newspaper.   It’s something that actually has damaged the economy of the entire community.  There is at this point no business reason to not advertise here as we publish our real numbers which are the largest in our market, and offer value that is far greater than our competitors, with more options.

We also don’t currently use a paywall which means that you always can read without paying on CFN.

We have digital ads, but we’re hoping to not use those much longer as we have some new advertising promotions, but it still requires the public to kick in their fair share.

It’s pretty simple.  If you want more of the kind of content that CFN produces you have to pull your weight.

You have to support our advertisers when you can. You have to share our content on anti-social media.   If you are buying a big ticket item and your vendor doesn’t advertise here and support the community as much as CFN does maybe you should ask them why they don’t and if the answer doesn’t make sense, try and find a vendor that does?

You are a part of this newspaper if you’re reading this, even if you’re not a fan.  It’s a microcosm.

And a good microcosm  costs money to run.  We need more writers, especially as we grow into markets outside of the Cornwall region.

So please click the donate button below or call 855 444 1133 if you can’t or don’t wish to donate via our Paypal button.

You can be the change.  If every CFN viewer kicked in $1 per month or $12 per year we’d be able to hire four full time employees which is also good for our local economy.  While we love some of the larger donations we’ve received every dollar counts!

Like the saying goes, “you get the government you deserve”, which is the same for media.  If  you aren’t happy with corporate pr shill media that refuse to tackle “hard news” there is only one thing to do and that’s support this newspaper.  Remember when we defeated Wal Mart twice supporting school bus drivers raising money for Cheo and fighting for cashiers to be able to drink water?  Could that be why Wallyworld doesn’t advertise with us?   We need to replace those ad dollars.

All donations are confidential and this month we’re having a contest if we reach our target of one hundred (100) new contributors!


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