Cornwall Ontario – For over two days now residents of the Cornwall Ontario have been complaining on anti-social media about strange smells and haze in the area.   Speculation and frankly, concerns for health and safety are rampant.

Dr. Paul Roumeliotis is the highest paid Sunshine list earner as head of the EOHU.  Sadly Dr. Paul puts petty politics ahead of actual health and safety.   On top of that it appears that Dr. Paul is more concerned with being called Dr. Paul and his brand rather than addressing concerns such as these smells?

A visit to the EOHU has no alert or warning.   Nada.  Zip.  None.  Even though multiple media outlets have been writing about this.   Speculation is that it’s from burning in South Stormont, but that doesn’t quite make sense?

First off if it was a legal burn of such a magnitude surely there would be public notice in media?  Which there hasn’t been.

And if the EOHU was aware there should have been media releases or something on their website?  Nope.  Nothing there.

So thousands of area residents are concerned as some of these smells have been described as “plastic” or “chemical” in nature.   The region of those reporting go from Boundary Road in the East End to near Long Sault in South Stormont.

That’s too wide area an area for someone pulling down over $300K to remain silent about.

Dr. Paul refuses to not only not work with this newspaper for example, but refuses to send us health alerts or answer questions even though we have the largest reported audience on a regular basis.   Even though we broke a story about possible Fentanyl in area Marijuana he and the EOHU still refuse to send us releases or cooperate on an issue that is killing people including in this area.

Kinda makes you wonder where his and the Province is on protecting residents of this area, no?

Newspapers like CFN, with over 1.5 million human pageviews per month and 9 social media channels are critical in reaching the most people possible in our region.   Does it make sense for our government to be spending millions of dollars per year on an entity that boycotts its largest newspaper?

CFN will be calling the Ministry today to try and get some answers because we’re all breathing the same air and if something hinky is going on we deserve answers.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Wow sounds like something leaking in those waterfront tanks

  2. Instead of accusing people of burning chemicals and plastic, why not inform yourself.

    It was CN burning debri, branches, grass, leaves out on Cornwall Center Road. Anyone who spends time outside and has experience with burning things would know the smell. It’s the smell of leaves / grass and branches burning.



  3. Jamie I have never trusted Dr. Paul Rameolotis since the very beginning when I mentioned about the HPV shot that paralyzed many people and Dr. Paul was for it. I spoke to hubby this morning and he said something is wrong when you smell plastics in the air and something from chemicals that have been let off which is very dangerous.

  4. I have smelled grass and leaves burning so many times in my 66 years and no that isn’t leaves nor grass. Plastic smell is either plastic burning or some sort of a chemical. The two are totally different. I have thought about this again this morning and my senses tell me that it is a chemical.

  5. Well Jules, your senses are wrong. Let’s wait and see what happens. They would not be able to get a burn permit to burn plastic and chemicals.

  6. Bob, do you know this 100% as fact or are you guessing?

  7. Author

    Bob, first off you have to post with your last name as well unless you’ve been grandfathered which you have not. Second, Big Ben has had illegal dumping and was built without a freaking membrane!

    There is a history of environmental crime that has never been prosecuted because of dirty politics. We Cornwall residents pay for it with each grant given to friendly developers to clean their properties.

  8. Bob many years ago people burned garbage in town mostly the CN Railroad but some did it as well. It is against the law to burn garbage in town but I have seen it done outside of the city limits. Who knows what happened but something is not right.

  9. Bob that dump in town that people call Big Ben was left there by Domtar and hands were out for payment among those at city hall back then. People profited greatly and the city hall was and still is mighty corrupted. If the doctor wants to investigate that hill it is full of cancers from Domtar, etc. I have seen that hill leak into the river and we used to walk all over there that is how I know.

  10. Author

    No Bob it’s not. You’re 100% wrong and had your jollies.

  11. So tell me son, what were the burning chemicals and plastics then? You have one sided views on everything! I want to know what was that burning then if it wasn’t the guy burning on Cornwall Centre road? You seem to have all the answers, oh please enlighten us!

  12. Author

    Bob this is your first and last warning. Stick to the facts and stick to what a person said.

  13. Author

    First off, you aren’t my father. Second, the story and many residents of this community are asking questions, even on the story link from other media that you were happy enough to post here. And CFN allowed to be posted here which would not be allowed on Cornwall Newswatch. Get it? Got it? Good.


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  15. There are no permits issued to burn chemicals nor plastics and people are dumb enough or sneeky enough to do just that in hiding. I have smelled the burning of wood, the burning of corn stalks at the end of the season, the old branches of tomato plants like what I have cut this afternoon and other things and they don’t smell like chemicals. I have seen CN burn rubbish but not chemicals.

  16. I remember something happened way back in the early 60s era and could have been the late 50s but there were chemicals that came from a train in Cornwall and the fire department had to go and look into it. The entire town of Cornwall stunk and mom put on the hot boiling water in the bathtub for us to breathe since the air was poisonous. This occurred at night.

  17. Hi Jules,

    I would respond but I’ve been barred apparently for providing false info. I think I copied and pasted a wrong address. After I looked into it, it was a land owner clearing land and is burning pills of branches and shrubs in his field. It’s nothing illegal, Gilles Crepeau from South Stormont fire dept said everything is perfectly legal. No corruption here.

  18. Bob government at all levels provide false information and they don’t tell the people the truth until it is too late when they have been discovered. When you smell a chemical in the air then you know something is wrong. I can tell you that the majority of my posts don’t make it but I can say that Jamie is #1 and I mean that. I have more laughs than one can ever imagine possible.

  19. Bob I went on one of Cornwalls papers and it is either the Freeloader or Seaway News where Counsellor MacDonald (the woman) wants to tax people who burn things that destroy the environment. Jamie is a good person and that is the truth Bob and I have a lot of liking and respect for this man. Most of my posts do not make it at all. Jamie has his head in his hands when I post and says NOT AGAIN!

  20. Bob we all make mistakes and I make plenty of them. There is a big difference in the burning of brush and shrub and the burning of corn stalks, etc. compared to chemicals and plastics. The doctor in Cornwall who is the head of the health department should have looked into the situation instead of swatting flies in his office. I hope that Jamie lets you back on.

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