April 4, 2022 – Sadly I work in a town that has been #covid derelict since day one. Part of it is our $400K man Paul Roumeliotis who refused to have Covid laws enforced, and allowed Randy Hillier to have multiple rallies on the grounds of our local health unit.Continue Reading

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 – Scary days. Apparently the email from the school board, which had a link to a document on the EOHU website was DOWNLOADABLE. “Sent: Sun, 31 Oct 2021 at 17:01Subject: Communication Error – October 30, 2021 Dear Parents/Guardians, We are writing to provide you with information about a regrettableContinue Reading

FEBRUARY 25, 2021 – CFN collates Covid-19 info on our main facebook page. As many know, yours truly has been focused on Covid since December 2019 and trying, many times facing abuse, to get authorities and stores in Cornwall to take the Pandemic seriously. Many times it feels like Noah’sContinue Reading

Dear Editor, “Facemasks don’t work; they do nothing”… according to a Walmart security person on duty at the Ninth Street Walmart store in Cornwall, Ontario, on Friday afternoon, December 18th 2020. This alternate fact was shared by a Walmart contracted security person while he intervened in a verbal exchange betweenContinue Reading

DECEMBER 11, 2020 – Part of the job of being a journalist is telling truths that upset people. That’s the crux of the truth. There’s no real defense to it. Smart people, when they make a mistake, own it, and then try and do the best they can to resolveContinue Reading

NOVEMBER 7, 2020 – I feel bad for the Cornwall Community Hospital Staff, at least those that don’t do smoke breaks out back without masks or social distancing. With little to no enforcement or fines issued, or appearance of inspections, even when cases occur at work places, we’re seeing casesContinue Reading

OCTOBER 22, 2020 – Bewildered. Many in Cornwall are confused, afraid, and angry as information trickles out about the first confirmed school and daycare outbreaks of COVID in Cornwall. If you go to the EOHU social media channels, at least as of publication time, nary a word or release aboutContinue Reading

SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 – Walmart reached out to CFN via email and confirmed a second case of COVID 19 at their distribution centre. “An associate from our Cornwall Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) has recently tested positive for COVID-19. We’re keeping the associate in our thoughts and wish them a speedyContinue Reading

MAY 24, 2020 – It’s odd how people react to COVID 19. There are those that take it seriously, and those that take it so lightly they compare it to a common flu. What we know is that we don’t know enough about this virus yet. We know we don’tContinue Reading

APRIL 20, 2020 – It’s boggling that an entity that is supposed to serve public health is boycotting this newspaper and refusing to release info that supposedly is meant to save and protect lives. That’s exactly what Dr. Paul Roumeliotis is doing. While many can understand that people don’t likeContinue Reading

After numerous and historical issues with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit while serving as Public Health Officer, we the undersigned as that during this COVID 19 Pandemic the Province of Ontario takes immediate action after the incident involving the Food Basics store on Brookdale Avenue. The public’s safety has toContinue Reading

APRIL 19, 2020 – Social media is a blaze locally as a local Food Basics worker tested positive for COVID 19. The EOHU refuses to answer any questions from this newspaper or issue us their press releases directly so we apologize as we can only get their version from theirContinue Reading