Yes, it’s time to Boycott Shopping in Cornwall Ontario until Covid Mask Mandates return. By Jamie Gilcig

April 4, 2022 – Sadly I work in a town that has been #covid derelict since day one. Part of it is our $400K man Paul Roumeliotis who refused to have Covid laws enforced, and allowed Randy Hillier to have multiple rallies on the grounds of our local health unit. This area has one of the lowest vaccination rates and one of the highest rates of Covid infections in the province.

Last week was the final straw for this writer and many others. As the Ford government dropped mask mandates many Ontarians were upset. Many communities still masked strong and many responsible businesses chose to enforce to maintain masking. Most of the major stores I attended had nearly 100% staff and customers not wearing masks. This while Ba2 Omicron is running rampant.

Dead customers don’t shop. Really sick customers don’t shop. Sadly these points have been missed by Cornwall where you have people like Leon Sabourin supporting Russian fueled protests that crippled Downtown Ottawa for a month. You have people like James at No Frills who never met an unmasked customer he didn’t like.

I was in No Frills for the first time in months. Only one cashier was wearing a mask and the line up at her cash was so long I just left my cart. Another unmasked cashier said she could help and I said “no thanks” and left.

James has previously tried to blame Loblaws for his lax policies. Not sure I buy that one.

Kids Korner actually had the owners wife working without a mask. The owner said she was exempted because of a health issue.

A friend needed milk that day and I tried to stop at a convenience store. I was trapped between a mask less cashier and mask less customers behind me.

The best defense is social distancing, ventilation, and of course wearing a KN or N 95 mask. But they don’t guarantee you won’t catch Covid. And getting triple vaxxed gives you the best chance of dealing with Covid, but again, nothing is guaranteed.

Sometimes you can do everything right and still roll snake eyes just like sometimes you can act like a #covidiot and get lucky and not catch the virus.

Thousands of seniors and those who can’t travel, but have respected actual covid protocols are being essentially held captive and at high risk just to go for groceries. Workers, even while still wearing masks, come under much higher risk, but have to earn their living.

Most of these excess cases are due to simple repeated policy failure by the Ford government. Quebec still has masking and is much safer to shop in (which is where I’ll shop for now even with extra gas) and Premier Legault is about to extend masking because of the Ba2 Omicron variant wreaking havoc.

The irony is that with so many getting sick from Covid in Ontario the cowardly ignorant action of Doug the Thug to put so many at risk may be the nail that costs him being Premier of Ontario in the June election.

The bottom line is we need to tell our local merchants that we want masking and that if they refuse we will not shop with them until they do or Covid has diminished.

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  1. we are not slaves. we are never going back to masks and lockdowns over the common cold.
    stay mad, bitch.

  2. Author

    Good lord what is wrong with your brain? What a pathetic twit you are.

  3. Excellent editorial. Thank you for expressing what so many of us think.

  4. If the people want to wear masks they can

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