Cornwall Eatery SIP n SCOOP Responds to Allegations of Staff Not Wearing Masks by Being Abusive. By Jamie Gilcig

DECEMBER 11, 2020 – Part of the job of being a journalist is telling truths that upset people. That’s the crux of the truth. There’s no real defense to it. Smart people, when they make a mistake, own it, and then try and do the best they can to resolve it. And then there are certain Cornwall business people…..

As many know this newspaper and myself as a writer have been trying to educate the public that our only real tools, even now with vaccines on the horizon, is to wear a mask and social distance during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Those are not perfect, but they really are what we have and are proven to help.

Sadly Cornwall has failed epically since day one when it comes to Covid. From the Mayor, Bernadette Clement, herself leading a march with the support of police to the Province recently sending inspectors to visit businesses and industry, and even with a week’s notice, nearly half of them failing their Covid inspections.

Add to that our recent spike of cases due to Anti Mask rallies being tolerated by the EOHU Paul Roumeliotis and local police.

In fact to this writer’s knowledge, since Spring 2020, there hasn’t been a single ticket or charge issued until two protest organizers were issued ones weeks after the event they were warned by police not to lead.

Is it any wonder so many businesses allow anti maskers and practices that frankly are dangerous?

We just had Paul Roumeliotis bumble on CFRA radio saying that Cornwall had a dorm outbreak at a local unlicensed school when in fact the facility is in South Glengarry. Think about that? The head of the EOHU doesn’t know where the largest dorm is in this community? Is it any wonder that such outbreaks occur? Where are inspections? Fines? Enforcement? Whether one agrees with Emergency Orders or not really isn’t arguable. They are emergency orders and need to be followed.

Eateries have had to face many challenges with many going out of business due to the hardships of Covid. It’s why it’s critical for them to follow the rules.

Today on social media the following was shared in an area group:

As a journalist it’s our job to give the other side a chance to answer the allegations and/or offer a comment for publication. An email and facebook private message was sent with no reply, instead a public round of abuse was published.

I was then accused of a vendetta which is even more bewildering as I’ve had no real interaction with this establishment?

Other customers also complained of a lack of mask wearing or hygiene issues.

There are no allowable reasons for staff to not wearing a mask while serving the public, especially if not in front of Plexiglas. Taking it off and on doesn’t work either, or wearing it under the nose or chin, and if a staff member has a medical issue then they simply cannot serve the public. There are no free passes to infect the public.

Sounds like this establishment was not one visited by health inspectors during the Cornwall rounds last week? Nor recently been visited by the EOHU.

The more cases we end up with of Covid the higher the chance of lock downs and suffering to businesses which is why it’s so important that health officials and law enforcement do their jobs because they are still getting their government salaries while small business feels the pain.

People need to follow the rules and do their part to make sure we can keep business open.

Sadly in this case it appears this business owner, instead of taking this situation as a way to improve the safety of their store, clients and staff, have chosen to behave in an abusive manner.

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  1. My niece mentioned that she was recently there at Sip and Scoop for her food order and saw the same thing (no masking) She stated that she didnt have a long wait for her order and nothing rude from the worker. She did remark no gloves worn by employees. Food was good but she wont be returning as it appears this business doesn’t take the pandemic seriously

  2. First rate piece of reporting. Fair and factual. Many thanks!

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