After numerous and historical issues with the Eastern Ontario Health Unit while serving as Public Health Officer, we the undersigned as that during this COVID 19 Pandemic the Province of Ontario takes immediate action after the incident involving the Food Basics store on Brookdale Avenue.

The public’s safety has to come first and clearly Mr. Roumeliotis has failed in that task as well as being transparent and sharing information with the region and community in a timely and professional manner.

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  1. Sure he’s wildly overpaid at $340K+ per year, but the next likely local with cred ($310K+ per year) is busy running a hospital where the first link in this chain may have snapped.

    So while the leadership seems less than sterling, all health care workers are pretty stressed out and overworked right now — it might be wisest to decline swapping horses while crossing this river.

  2. My dissatisfaction with Dr. Paul, stems from the fact , that he doesn’t use all possible media in our area. The “EOHU” should never get involved in petty politics & “ban” some media outlets from their notices & alerts to the public……One would think, with this deadly pandemic we are dealing with, the “EOHU” would use any type of media available. Pathetic ! (IMO)

  3. Author

    It just makes our job harder when people like “Dr Paul” behave this way. Even CCH begrudgingly let us help with the PPE appeal and the Province grants CFN full access to teleconferences.

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