Cornwall Ontario – The Eastern Ontario Health Unit was hacked according to a release on their website.   Those concerned about their private information should read the release below. No release was issued by the Cornwall Community Police Service in their police blotter about the crime.   Maybe the EOHU shouldContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – For over two days now residents of the Cornwall Ontario have been complaining on anti-social media about strange smells and haze in the area.   Speculation and frankly, concerns for health and safety are rampant. Dr. Paul Roumeliotis is the highest paid Sunshine list earner as headContinue Reading

A new sign grading for local eateries goes into effect in 2016.    In theory it’s a great idea giving consumers a clear window via a Green card, inferring safety, yellow, and red for closed.    However in theory Communism is the best form of government which has never reallyContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – So whose made the most money in Cornwall on this year’s Sunshine list that was just released by the province of Ontario? The Sunshine list includes those on the public purse who earn more than $100,000 per year. Mostly health care officials, fire, police, and areas includingContinue Reading

CFN –     The EOHU under Dr. Paul  Roumeliotis boycotts CFN.  No releases. No ads. But to withhold safety notices is something that the Unit and province should be embarrassed about.    CFN is not one person.  In August we are on pace for over 71,000 Unique visitors.  We haveContinue Reading