Dr. Paul & EOHU Don’t Send HEAT WARNING TO CFN Putting Public Safety in Danger – Aug 21, 2013

eohuCFN –     The EOHU under Dr. Paul  Roumeliotis boycotts CFN.  No releases. No ads.

But to withhold safety notices is something that the Unit and province should be embarrassed about.    CFN is not one person.  In August we are on pace for over 71,000 Unique visitors.  We have several times the traffic of our nearest rival and are the most read media in the city where his office sits.

There are people who don’t read CFN.  There are people who don’t read the Standard Freeholder.

When you are a tax dollar paid agency you send out notices to all of the media.   To allow petty politics to play potential havoc with the public’s safety is something that frankly should never ever be allowed to happen.

We emailed Dr. Paul today, but as of print time he has not responded.  He’s probably safely ensconced in an air conditioned room…

The city of Cornwall has no emergency plan in place for today’s heat either.  Their website was down for several hours today as well so there was no notification regarding heat issues.  Nor was there any mention on their facebook page.

Here is the alert in full for our viewers safety and comfort.

High Heat Alert

With extremely hot weather in the forecast for the next few days, the Health Unit is warning residents of the five Eastern Counties to take special care to prevent heat-related illness.
During extremely hot weather, anyone can suffer heat-related illness when their body is unable to compensate for the extreme temperatures and cannot properly cool. But some groups are more vulnerable than others, including young children, the elderly, people who exercise vigorously or who are involved in strenuous work outdoors for prolonged periods, as well as individuals on medication and the chronically ill.
There are a number of things that people can do to prevent heat-related illness:
• Drink plenty of water and avoid liquids that contain alcohol, caffeine or large amounts of sugar.
• Stay indoors. Stay cool by taking cool showers or wetting your hands, face and the back of your neck.
• Wear light, loose fitting clothes, a hat and sunscreen when outdoors.
• Avoid vigorous exercise in the heat (this includes children as well). If you have a young child, or a child with a chronic respiratory condition such as asthma, do not allow them to participate in sporting events or to exercise during heat waves, especially when there is a heat/humidity advisory in effect.
• Keep your home cool by limiting the use of your oven/stove.
• Turn off unnecessary lights.
• Keep windows slightly open during the day.
• At night, open windows wide to cool the house.
• Never leave children or pets in a parked car.
• If your home does not have air-conditioning, take breaks from the heat by going to air-conditioned buildings; grocery stores and shopping malls are great options.
• Check up regularly on friends, family and/or neighbours who may be at high risk during a heat wave.
Extreme heat can cause many health problems, including cramps, dizziness, headache, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat stroke is a medical emergency and can be fatal if left untreated.
Source: Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Click here to view the complete news list.

Can you believe this petty behavior?  Neither can CFN….  you can post your comments below.

Today is a great day to find some Air Conditioned comfort and stay hydrated!

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  1. I have the fan on high and just got myself into pj’s to relax from being outside earlier and going down for mail so now I can relax more. Did I say the word relax???? No I have dishes to do and all kinds of things. This morning my daughter and I were at one store that had the a/c going nicely and that was at Pharma Plus. The grocery store was so stuffy and hot and humid. Everybody should stay as cool as possible. Tomorrow is another heat wave.

  2. Dr. Paul is in bed with the Mayor how do you think the fluoride issue went away so fast? The health unit is off the mark having done this to the public but again Dr. Paul followed the Mayor’s orders. You do not have to be a city worker to be told or else.

  3. The Weather Office is your friend. Hot and humid this week. Cooling off by the weekend.This information is available 24/7. Do we need a medical doctor to tell us that it’s warm outside?

  4. Author

    Actually Furtz when I contacted the city to see if they’d make emergency cooling space available to the public that needed it my reply was that they wait until such a dictive from the Health Unit.

  5. Good for CFN taking this upon themselves to 1. remind the public of common sense 2. remind the public of political games 3. remind the public on who runs the politicians. I used to think number 3 was the citizens, how very naive of me in the past.

  6. Author

    Eric I sent a complaint to the Ministry of Health and if Dr. Paul has any class he would post an apology to the public on behalf of the EOHU and ensure that we receive such health notices.

  7. @ Furtz…good point. But it has nothing to do with needing an MD to tell people it’s hot. It’s a public health issue that should be addressed – as broadly as possible – through all media channels without prejudice.

  8. Even if no apology, they must know how to just add an email address to the bulk list, it is not like preparing 3 part forms / hand copy then horse & buggy delivery is needed. Too bad they need to be reminded who they work for!

  9. Dr. Paul,

    Up until this latest issue, I must say, I’ve admired the job & the fashion you performed it ! But to jeopardize the health of the people that you are tasked to protect is inexcusable sir ! Because of your dislike of “CFN” you deliberately denied local citizens of what I consider to be a very worthwhile health bulletin .
    Obviously, you consider yourself “untouchable”, and all of my ranting & raving towards you is meaningless ! But, what about your oath, that you took when you became a MD ?

  10. I just can’t believe that a man that has taken the Hippocratic oath (“I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice”)portion of oath , would play politics with the very people that he has taken office to protect if this is not correct then possibly the good Doctor can come to the defense of the health unit as to how such an important health warning would not be transmitted to such a popular online newspaper i anxious for him to address this in his own words. Are you a Doctor or a politician ????

  11. Author

    Reality Check we emailed Dr. Paul the morning of this story. We only published when he did not reply. If he wishes to make a statement on behalf of himself or the EOHU we’d be happy to publish it unedited.

    So far we have not heard from him.

  12. Yep, same crap in the same city. Issue the bulletin as a public health service. Don’t skip the biggest online local media. Sounds like you are not doing your job right Dr. Paul.

  13. Very unprofessional. I don’t read the freeholder. All media should be forward info like this. This could have serious consequences on peoples well being.

  14. What is it with Cornwall?

    How is it that everything is ill-managed, miscalculated with little concern of the public in mind?

    You would think that even by playing Vegas odds things would sometimes work out for the better, right?

    Even bad luck doesn’t last for decades…

    But, alas, in River City, the wheel in the sky keeps on turning and nothing ever changes.

    Jamie, you need to run as a counselor.

  15. Well what do you expect? That the highly paid doctor and his followers, send an email to CFN while they are in a air condition area or playing golf?
    You have to be off your rocker.

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