CFN One on One With Cornwall Ontario Aspiring Comic & Promoter Mark Vincent VIDEO OFF YOUR ROCKER

mark vincentCFN – Cornwall Ontario Comic Mark Vincent has a dream.  He wants to make more than his mom and wife laugh at him.

He’s also the engine being Cornwall’s comedy scene mc’g and staging Yuk Yuk events at City Limits.

This Friday, August 23rd, Mark will have a motley crue of Comics performing in his Off Your Rocker comedy series!

CFN spoke with him one on one here in Cornwall.

For people complaining that there isn’t much to do in Cornwall how can you go wrong with a $10 ticket to see a whack of young comics hang it out there?

He shared that Cornwall likes its comedy raunchy.   It should be interesting to see what they dish out Friday night at City Limits!

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  1. I might know that young man’s parents and aunt. If he is who I think he is my how time flies. I am thinking back to those days and this young man sure brought me back. He looks like both his parents the ones that I am thinking about back in my old school days.

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