Cornwall Ontario Becomes Further Isolated As Greyhound Announces Service Cuts to River City by Jamie Gilcig

Kilger Bench BLUECFN – When you’re busy zooming to Ottawa in your speedy cruiser like Bob Kilger does it can be easy to not think about public transportation, but even our Mayor  saw his city take another hit to its Inter-City Transportation as Greyhound announced it was cutting back service to the city due to lack of interest.

Of course if you have infrequent schedules and no stop within the city limits with almost no advertising the question turns into a chicken and egg one.  Is it that the public doesn’t want the service or that the service itself is turning off the public?

Via Rail recently announced that it was dumping human staff at the Cornwall station recently and the city itself balked at taking the former Tourism property from the Province which would be ideal as an Inner & Inter city hub as well as a great tourism facility right at the foot of the new $75M bridge.

This isn’t a new problem for the River City.   It’s been written about for nearly two years now.   One Delaney2politico suggested recently that this was payback to the Kilger government as some of the bus companies felt that the city spending money with Delaney Bus service hurt their bottom lines.    Economic Development did a lovely wrap of one of the Delaney Buses that may have caused the ire of Greyhound and Megabus that have lost commuter traffic to Ottawa.

If we can subsidize student doctors and if other cities can help subsidize public transportation maybe it’s time for our city to start thinking of the critical importance that having proper Intercity transportation means?


So CFN viewers is it the chicken and the egg and how does not having reliable and well scheduled transportation impact you?


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