Cornwall Teachers Failing Students in 2016 Fraser Ontario School Rankings DEC 4, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO – It’s odd that as teachers salaries keep going up students results in the area keep going down?

In this years results we see that Francophone Catholic public schools locally are getting better results according to this year’s Fraser Institute rankings of schools in Ontario.

Only a frightening THREE out of fifteen public schools in Cornwall ranked in the top 50% of schools in Ontario.

That’s only 20% of the schools meeting the most humble of thresholds.   What’s scarier is that eight of the schools ranked over the 2000 mark out of the 2900 schools ranked.

The Upper Canada District School Board entries fared the worst with Viscount Alexander scoring the best at a pathetic 1779 out of 2900.    Gladstone scored 2805 out of 2900 public schools in the entire province.  Clearly they are not turning out prime candidates to contribute to society.

By comparison Kingston had half of its schools rank in the top 50%.

The question is why do Catholic and in particular French Catholic Public schools fare so much better in the testing?

Are there more resources being given to students in those schools?  Are Francophone Catholics smarter than Anglophones in the UCDSB system?   Is it the school boards doing a better or worse job?

Rose des Vents finished at an impressive 367 out of 2900 schools. They and Ste. Anne’s were the only area schools in the top 1000.

Perhaps there are too many area school teachers involved in politics locally instead of focusing on the kids?

With almost no cultural activities left in the area could that be having an impact as well?  Cornwall just lost its 36 year old Public Art Gallery due to petty City Hall politics this year, as well as most of its major events.

The United Counties of SD&G didn’t fare much better with only two schools (Laggan & Winchester) in the top 1450.

Longue Sault 1647, Maxville 1887, Avonmore 1985, Rothwell Osnabruck 2101, Chesterville 2155, and Morrisburg at 2837 are certainly not impressive rankings.

Previous rankings.   2015,  2013,

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  1. As a grand-parent, of a young student in the UCDSB, I’m incredibly alarmed, shocked & dismayed at the present situation at their new multi million dollar school “BRIDGEWOOD” ! This school is totally out of control, the inmates (kids) are running this asylum ! The classes are being constantly interrupted by unruly students, fighting, yelling, etc, etc….Our kids are losing their education .

  2. con’t: I’m not blaming the teachers, as they are powerless ! But this environment is ruining the atmosphere for learning ? Their is absolutely no control in this school ! Ask your children, your grand-children, even the teachers, will admit a serious problem exists ! My grand-child will be moved after the Christmas Holidays, if their is no improvement !

  3. From several years of experience teaching high school…

    Too many teachers are in the wrong profession; they may be nice folks (some of them with smarts enough), but their wisdom, classroom skills, and their motivation are not fit for the job.

    Add to that the scandalous union, management, and political nonsense, and you end up simply warehousing our young people instead of educating them.

  4. Spineless educators setting a poor example to students equals the given results. The problem is not the students they merely are reflective of the problem at large. Lack of direction, discipline and consequence. In other words they mirror the failings of a liberal society. One only has to look at the successes of other countries to discern the obvious differences (Japan comes immediately to mind).

  5. Do people still pay attention to the Fraser Institute?

  6. Author

    Lassie I’m not a union buster or alt right kinda guy, but at some point every job has a ceiling. We ended up with C diff outbreaks because hospital cleaning staff’s wages went to the point that many outsourced cleaning. Now hospitals seem to be outsourcing cafeteria’s or food service too.

    At some point that li’l 2.5% per year cost of living simply isn’t affordable any longer. 2.5% of say….$75,000 is in total a far larger amount than what the average wage earner gets and it’s those that work in the public sector that pay for private sector salaries.

    In the end it’s the kids lose as administration cuts what it can to resolve those politically motivated salaries.

  7. Re: E.T. Bass’ comments
    The new “Bridgewood” school is a lost cause, I agree with you ! My child attends that ZOO ! Today, some kid threw his desk chair across the room ! Is this a good setting for my child to learn ? What about the safety of my child ? Teachers are not allowed to touch these ?@yVu ! Why are they in a regular school, round them all up & put them in the same school ?

  8. I remember one of the teachers that mom babysat for who couldn’t handle her classroom and would go next door for the man teacher to discipline her class. This teacher would run out and cry literally and the more she cried the more the students got on her nerves and most were grade 9 students. I was at the school where she taught and witnessed that sometimes.

  9. Lassie said that people go into teaching for the wrong reasons and that is so true. One of my daughter’s former supervisors at a business that she once worked for here in Ottawa went back into teaching because nobody gets those kinds of salaries and perks except for those MP’s and PM on the hill. My daughter laughed along with others at their supervisor going into teaching.

  10. Mr. Novak that brought me back many years about the school being a zoo. When my kids were little I called the school bus drivers zoo keepers including the teachers. Things are much worse today than every before. My daughter would never want to be back in elementary and secondary schools nowadays.

  11. About a month ago I was on an American forum and one lady in Montréal was worried about her kids falling behind because of immigrant kids and raising hell in the class. This lady couldn’t afford private school but I told her to send her kids to Catholic schools even if she is Protestant. I haven’t heard anything back but I rarely go on that site and they keep asking me to go back on.

  12. Now here it goes. Canada’s education is mighty low in status just like that of the US. I listened to a lady who is an educator on line in the US (she is blue blood) and said that students are like trained monkeys and are not taught how to think but to do according to the curriculum. I couldn’t agree more with this woman what she was saying.

  13. In other countries students go to school to learn and they know the importance of an education. In Canada like the US students go to fool around and don’t think that education is important for their future. A lot of immigrant kids make a big success out of themselves. We know people who came to Canada and were completely illiterate but their kids were the tops and today are professionals.

  14. A lot has to do with what is going on in the home. In many homes here there is no encouragement at all to succeed and how to study. The classrooms are like a herd of monkeys and sheep and have to be told what to do and how to think. People do not think for themselves – all of that is gone. The education system is all wrong here in Canada.

  15. E.T. Bass the blame is on today’s society where morals have gone to hell. I was in grade 8 way back in 1965 when the strap was taken away – the last year for it and since then I have seen the moral decay of the students as well as the teachers. Teachers are just high priced zoo keepers and nothing else. It is up to the student to take the books and learn and do their own research.

  16. Nope. The strap was taken out sometime after 1968. I should know. I received my fair share of it from grade 6 to 8 (1966 – 1968).

  17. Hugger I thought that the strap was taken out right after I finished grade 8 back in 65/66. That is new to me. Where my daughter went to school here in Ottawa there was a dummy sitting at a desk from those days and nearby was the strap with those metal things on the end. I got the strap back then for not knowing catechism in French when I first started in a French school.

  18. Its not the teachers failing them, think again.
    I will give you a hint – Discipline
    Teacher are literally not allowed to discipline kids and guess what that does.

  19. The problem is not just Cornwall or I would open my mouth and say something but everywhere. If there is no discipline at home nor manners taught then there will be none in the schools. I remember back when I went to school in Cornwall the schools were zoos but today it is a great deal worse than what it was back then. Every generation becomes worse than the previous ones.

  20. Here is a bit more continuation. Those supervisor jobs were permanent jobs and the lady at the public service didn’t have those names on her list for me to report to but I still refused and I liked that type of a job. What I am trying to say is adults behave very badly as well and no wonder their kids are like wild animals and completely uncontrollable.

  21. The parents are the reason these schools are doing better.
    They know in today’s Canada your child needs to be bilingual to
    get a good carreer. These parents also know that the English public system is where all the unruly children end up. Some of the parents of the children who end up in the english public system don’t care as long as they can get their tattoos , cell phones and smokes

  22. The trouble makers should be taken out of the schools so that students who want to learn, can. Liberals will have nothing to do with that though.
    You don’t see as many disruptive kids in French schools because it’s harder and if they are not doing well they end up in English public. I’m anglophone but my children attended French public so they would have no disadvantages in job searching.

  23. Discipline and good morals start in the home and if you don’t come from a good, disciplinarian home then you will just be one of the zoo animals in the class room. I was educated in a French school (Catholic) and yes French is a great deal harder than English but that is not the only reason – no matter what you learn if you come from a zoo you will be a zoo animal no matter what.

  24. I want all of you to go on and listen to comedian George Carlin about education which is in the US and as well as our Canada what he says. Excuse George’s very dirty mouth and his comedy act but he is telling you all the truth.

  25. Back in my old days of high school there was no strap but of course you couldn’t use it on high school students. One teacher that I remember 1/2 Italian and 1/2 French from Europe through a brush out of temper to some students but instead hit me in the back of the room. I always gave French answers to English students – CCVS had no advanced French for me so I had to go to other high schools.

  26. Any one of us older people (I am 66 years old) and attended CCVS for a short time remember Mr. Porri. I had the brush hurled at me by accident. LOL LOL. ROLF! I laughed today because my husband giving hell to my daughter – Lebanese temper. That reminded me of Mr. Porri at CCVS way back when.

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