Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent Announce a Significant Change in Company Operations

James Moak 300x250 2013-04-14CFN – Paul J. Fudge, the founder and long standing owner operator of Paul J. Fudge Bailiff and Landlord Agent business in Kingston today announced that the “landlord agent” operations of his business has been sold to James Moak Professional Corporation.


“As many know, I have been considering semi-retirement for some time,” said Mr. Fudge, “the acquisition of the landlord agent portion of my business by Mr. James Moak now allows me that opportunity.”


Mr. Fudge went on to say, “my first concern has always been for my clients, with Mr. Moak, they should take comfort in knowing that he has over thirty years experience as a paralegal working throughout Eastern Ontario. He is considered by his peers to be extremely knowledgeable in landlord and tenant matters as well as small claims court and many other areas of law where paralegals provide service.”


“I cannot ask for a better qualified, experienced professional person to carry on the work I’ve started in this community in serving landlords, said Mr. Fudge.


Mr. Fudge plans on continuing to operate his bailiff business.


Mr. James Moak added, “I’ve known Paul Fudge for a number of years and I wish him all the best in his semi-retirement plans. Mr. Fudge has earned the respect of the paralegal community for his efforts in demonstrating that paralegals care about their clients and always act in the best interests of their clients. I look forward to continuing to serve these individuals in the professional manner established and expected by the clients of Mr. Paul Fudge.”


Mr. Moak went on to say apart from the name change on the sign, landlords will not see any changes in the current operation. The office at 234 Concessional Street, suite 401 will continue to operate. Landlords are welcomed to contact Mr. Moak at 1-844-937-0347 or his cell phone at 613 363 0041 to schedule an appointment or consultation session with him.

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