Guy La Fleur bites the hand that feeds him – attacks Bob Gainey

Good old Guy.   The man was blessed with a ton of talent and had some very good timing for an athlete by being part of a dynasty, but he’s a nasty piece of work (I worked with him in the 90s).     Last I heard he still gets paid by the Habs.   I’m not sure where he feels fit to level the charges he did in this INTERVIEW on TSN.

He’s attacking Bob Gainey and Guy Carboneau regarding the treatment of Habs Dog Alex Kovalev.kov

Hey,  Guy may have a point about Carbo.  I personally think Bob should step down into the Coach’s role for the rest of the season as I don’t see a long term future for Mr. Carboneau as Habs head coach, but he still should know better than to voice these comments.   Does Guy really think that Carbo hasn’t spoken to Alex, or that Bob hasn’t?

This has to do with Alex’s contract.   End of story.

“(Carbonneau) won’t change his style. He should have done that before Christmas, even from the beginning of the season,” he explained newspaper. “Give your best players the ice time they need to play well, to get their confidence back, to prove to the organization what they can do.”

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