Is Claude Macintosh the Howard Stern of Cornwall?

Claude’s Latest

Claude manages to not want funding for the local new 3 pad arena and attack those that need help the most in one column.    Is it all to attract readers or is he that dense?

Claude, most arena’s and facilities rent their name rights to raise money if they can.   I’m sure some money can be generated and still honor people like Si Miller and Bob Turner.    You can have a name for the arena, a name for each pad, a name for special rooms.    You can do a lot if you get creative and pro-active.

Not sure what’s biting your bum, but I’m stunned that any columnist in Cornwall would print what you just did.

* Giving each Ontario resident on social assistance an extra $100 a month, as social activists and the health unit propose, sounds nice, but where’s the guarantee that recipients will spend it on healthy groceries?

First off this area has a larger than normal percentage of people on fixed lower incomes which of course include Ontario Works and Disability.   Maybe it’s why we have so much less commerce per capita than Brockville or Kingston.

Adding $100.00 per month to those households; aside from humanitarian concerns, would pump an awful lot of money into the LOCAL ECONOMY.  Maybe even enough tax spin offs to raise that extra 2 Mil for the arena.

Stores, big and small would gain and perhaps, just perhaps, more jobs would be filled taking some of those off of the rolls and even improving the conditions of low wage earners?

There are a lot of people right now who are being forced onto those rolls because of the actions of Politicians, Corporations, Banks; IE most people had no role in the current Economic Recession other than being a victim of it.

Instead of bailing out companies that clearly have not shown that they know how to run their businesses those Billions from Ottawa should be in the pockets of those that those dollars are taken from?

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