Liberals Overtake Conservatives in Raising Funds


“Even so, they were nipped by the resurgent Liberals, whose final Elections Canada tally for March to June this year was just over $4 million.

In fact, the Liberals, at a cumulative $5.9 million for the first six months of 2009 under Ignatieff’s leadership, are very close to raising what they did for all of last year when the party was led by Stephane Dion. And they’ve doubled their number of individual contributors to that tally, from about 9,500 to about 19,500.”

We in the media can talk all we want about trends, polls, and of course offer our opinions, but nothing says it more than people writing cheques with their own cold cash.

It should be a very interesting fall indeed…. so as we edge closer and closer to a potential election who would you vote for Cornwall?

If a Federal Election is called who would you vote for?

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