Liberals Gather in Sudbury – putting together more than two nickels

igobama The Liberal Party is meeting in Sudbury today.   An interesting place for them to meet, but then with EI being the hot topic that could bring down the Harper government as early as September 14 Sudbury might not be a bad place for this meeting after all.


“Fixing employment insurance is only one dimension of what needs to be a much larger economic and social package,” Goodale said.

He said the Liberals have seen no progress with respect to other flags they raised before the summer recess.

As well as seeking a national standard for EI access, the Liberals accused the government of failing to deliver stimulus funds for infrastructure projects, failing to spell out deficit reduction and failing to fix the isotope shortage.”

Meanwhile fallout over the fund raising dinner points to growing antagonism between the Libs and NDP.  L I N K

“But a $550-a-plate fundraising dinner slated for Monday night in Sudbury has garnered criticism from local unions and the NDP, as about 3,000 workers with Vale Inco enter their seventh week on the picket lines with no negotiations between the company and the union.

Some workers along the picket line described the dinner as a “slap in the face” and said they planned to protest outside the event.

Sudbury NDP MP Glenn Thibeault also plans to hold a dinner of his own, serving spaghetti and salad at $5.50 a plate to support miners who find themselves without a job.

“My whole meal … is going to cost about $550 to feed about 150 to 200 people, so there’s a big difference here,” he said.”

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