Jim Balsillie Ups the Ante – Will Keep Coyotes in Phoenix for 09-10 season – Gretzky Still Missing…

I smell a deal.    Jim Balsillie is inching closer to getting his team to Hamilton.   First off he has to get a team and he took another step closer by offering to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix for this season.

Hey Phoenix gets a years rent and maybe a bonus handshake goodbye bonus?


It certainly makes it harder for Judge Redfield T Baum to not give Mr. Balsillie the club.   In other NHL news I fearlessly predict here, right now, that the Leafs will not make the play-offs and Phil Kessell will be injured and miss a whack of games during the season.

No comment from Gary Bettman as of this story.   In other NHL news Olaf Kolzig or Ollie the Goalie has retired after 14 years in the NHL.    L I N K

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