Scott Lecky Interview coming up 3 Plus One Arena Cornwall ONTARIO

I had the opportunity to sit down with Scott Lecky and talk Cornwall.  From the 3 Plus One Arena project; to sports; to unemployment in Cornwall (he’s hiring) the Bridge Crisis, and even politics.

Interesting guy and as soon as I can decipher my notes, and he emails me in those pics I’ll get the first installment of the interview up.

Stay Tuned!

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  1. I think when the police are finished, there will be changes in city governance, bureaucracy and business (make sure you read to the end Jamie)

    Before we go too nuts on the arena construction and lands development, maybe we should consider the deal a little more…

    Land costs:
    – The cost of the former Domtar land was $85,000 per acre ($110,000 with sewers)
    – The cost of the former Courtaulds land would have been $50,000 per acre (sewers are already in)

    – The Domtar site is surrounded by toxic chemicals, a dump, smells, leachate, and even railway tracks
    – Courtaulds has homes, schools, a new roadway, shopping…

    Crime and Crookery:

    From the ranks of Cornwall City governance has come the infamous Mr. William Wise; a fellow perhaps holed up somewhere singing to law enforcement about Ponzi schemes and money laundering (from far and very near).

    Mr. William Wise as you may have heard, is/was the CEO of the Millenium Bank, a position reportedly betstowed on him by Mr. Trenholm Healy, the sole owner of United Swiss Trust, which in turn was the sole shareholder of the Millenium Bank ($68 million fraud).

    You’ll remember that a Mr. Trenholm Healy along with a Mr. Gerrard Rose were major investors in PARIS Holdings, a company that bought contaminated Domtar properties flipped to the city for new money, and as well, to take more contaminated soil off of Domtar’s hands, and there’s a cash transfusion in the form of a property tax rebate to go with it. (The matters of Domtar and North American are still under study)

    And you’ll remember too, the elastic Official Plan and custom zoning that has served the projects so well.

    The SEC action:

    Report on Millenium Bank (and United Trust of Switzerland):

    Receivers Report on Millenium Bank Disbursements:

    The Domtar Lands

    The dealings of council, committees, and a property sales agent or two are being presented to law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border as you read.

  2. Author

    Trent I think the arena is a done deal. Maybe not the best for Cornwall, but City officials make choices for many reasons. Now what do you think about the Water Meters?

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