2009 Fall Home & Harvest Show sponsored by the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce

A1Special thanks to Debby & Timmy at the A1 Environmental Services booth.

They have devices that can rid your home of viruses including H1N1. Come and chat with them when you drop by the show.  It’s after 1 PM now and the arena is filling up.

A perfect rainy day to drop by the booths and check out some of the new products available to help save you money and enhance your home!

wayne Wayne Thompson if  Mix 96 and Michael

Guimond are joined by members of the Cornwall Colts (Shane Avery, Phil Taus, and Eric Lalonde)

Check out the video games in their booth!  winmar

Brad Crepeau will bribe you with popcorn and apples in the Winmar booth.

eos David Scott from EOS Solutions will show you

the KVAR Energy controller and how it will save you Hydro and protect you

from electrical surges.  jtec Rob & Tom from J-Tec surrounded by some awesome TV’s and the latest in Notebook computers.

Robert Martin can provide you with the flowers you’ll have to buy your wife for an awful long time as you disappear to watch hockey on your new tv from J-Tek! flowers You just never know what’s you’ll find at the 2009 Fall Home & Harvest show at the Civic Complex.

The show runs through Sunday.   Now I’m off to watch the Turkey Dinner get prepared.   Dessert is at 3PM!

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