Eric Engels Points the Gun at Bob Gainey – Habs UPDATE – Bob Sirois says NHL & Bob Gainey Anti-Francophone – October 20, 2009

Eric Engels had a super entry on Hockey Buzz.  L I N K The Habs aren’t quite as bad as their record, but not quite as good as hoped for.

What’s for sure is that Bob Gainey, bob to keep his job, has to show what separates the winners from the losers, and that’s shake the box and find a better path for the Canadiens.

He chose a coach in Jacques Martin, and he chose the roster the coach has been given.  It’s up to the organization to use their players in the best way possible and so far from what I’ve watched Coach Martin has not used the skill sets of the current players to best reflect their talents.

It could be a coach asking things of certain players beyond their ability; or the GM not giving the coach the players he needs to fulfill his goals for the team.

Either way if the issues are not rectified the losing continues.  Bottom line is they need to spend much more time in Zone 3 and much less in Zone 1.   If they can do that the pressure will not be as intense on their goalies and Defense.

In other Hockey News, former player Bob Sirois has come out with a book suggesting racial intolerance of French Quebecers in Hockey.  L I N K “If you’re francophone and your son is talented in minor hockey, anglicize his name and you will double his chances of being drafted,” he writes.”

Personally I wonder if the timing of this book is more about Quebec City wanting a NHL team more than any racist theories in the NHL.    His attacks against Mr. Gainey also seem thin as the Habs just spent a #1 pick on Louis Leblanc and tried to land Vincent Lecavlier.    I think many French Canadian players don’t want to play in Montreal because of attitudes like the one behind this book.

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