CRTC allows Throttling to Continue – Your bill is going up

L I N K  Like watching movies and video on the net?  Your bill could go up.   Listen to live radio?  Your bill can go up.  Want faster net speeds?  Throttling is being allowed by the CRTC and that’s not a good trend.  Besides limiting the use of the net to those that can’t afford it thus inhibiting their quality of life it just holds back information.

It’s wrong and we as Canadians should not be tolerating it especially as the networks built by companies like Bell were built under the monopoly systems funded by Canadians.    They may own it on paper, but we paid for it via artificially higher bills.   When Bell would cry to the CRTC that they needed more money to fund infrastructure and the CRTC would nod their head in sympathy we paid the bill.

Say no to throttling.   Email the CRTC or call them.  Email or call your MP too, because the internet is our future and nobody should be holding our future for ransom.

CRTC WEBSITE Phone Toll-free: 1-877-249-CRTC (2782)

YOUR MP IN SD&SG Tel: (613) 937-3331

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