Welcome to our new Journalism Intern Markus Noé – Cornwall Free News – Cornwall Ontario

Markus Markus Noé is the new Journalism intern for the Cornwall Free News. Currently he is completing his final semester in the Journalism program at St. Lawrence College. His two favorite topics to cover are sports and politics and he welcomes open discussions on both.

Mr. Noe’s first story will be about the Youth of Cornwall and the challenges they face finding life here in Cornwall Ontario.

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  1. What does Markus think of Hamilton getting a NHL team so Ontario can have 2 NHL calibre teams?

  2. First of all six NHL teams in a country this hockey crazed is ridiculous. Yes I do believe Hamilton having an NHL team is a great idea. Any expansion team would be a higher caliber then the Leafs and perhaps give the fans in the area something to cheer about.

  3. Author

    The Leafs winning would be so…..uncanadian….Welcome Markus!

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