Fireworks over Richmond Drive as Cornwall City Council lets Stormont off the Hook and delays Truck Ban – Cornwall Ontario – November 9, 2009

wyattdog Mr. Wyatt Walsh was not a happy camper last night as he watched Cornwall City Council delay a truck ban they had given 60 days notice that they’d implement.

It was a good night for Mayor Bob Kilger to be away.   Councilor Andre Rivette sat in as mayor and presided over a very animated session.  andre Residents filled the Council chamber to capacity with Mayor McGillis having to stand in an outer doorway.

Issues raised by many of the residents included excess speed by trucks, which some claimed the life of a dog recently.  It was suggested that this time it was a dog, but that there have been close calls with children and pedestrians.

There were also allegations of threats and abuse towards some of the residents that have been visibly in favor of the truck ban.   Jake or Air brakes being used in front of certain homes causing back flaps of trucks to clang loudly, and drivers shouting abuse as people walked the road.

The fireworks came after the decision by council to delay implementation of the truck ban to go over several options.   Mr. Walsh had an altercation with Mayor McGillis and made heated statements to the effect that he’s going to issue suit to resolve the issue if the city insists on not banning trucks from the road.

He claims that information is being withheld and even suggested “the fix” was in.   We should have video by tomorrow.

Jackie Brazeau of Atchison Road wants the ban to remain in place.   She sited noise as her biggest concern.

It was also suggested that opposed to what has been written that many of the houses on Richmond road were there prior to the Quarries.

Kayla Smy, 16 stated: “I wouldn’t drive that fast and I’m a teenager!”   Mr. Wyatt was quoted “I have not talked to anybody that wants the trucks on that road” in reference to residents who have complained.

Mayor McGillis and members of the quarry team refused comment for this story.

Wyatt Walsh wants the truth.   We will be adding video as it becomes available.


Mayor Brian McGillis & Wyatt Walsh exchange some dialogue.


What do you think Cornwall?  Should the ban have gone through?

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  1. 1. watch your own dogg and this wouldnt have happened
    2. close calls with people?? what ever happened to staying away from the road or looking both ways before crossing the street.
    3. How is the death of a dog city councils problem?
    4. mr.wyatt needed to calm the fXXk down
    5. tons of dogs die everyday from cars!, are we gonna ban cars now?
    definitely dont think so.
    7. cornwall doesnt even own the road they own like 10% wow.. ya they totally have every right to impose a ban.
    8. and since when did ppl think cornwall was the United States Of America and that they can control everyone around them.

    im sorry but this news story is sooooo unnecessary.

  2. Author

    Michael I wasn’t going to allow your reply, but was reminded what truly is free in The Cornwall Free News, and that’s to allow opposing viewpoints and free speech.

    I did edit your f bomb. Now to your actual post. People are supposed to do what Mr. Wyatt and residents of Richmond Road are doing. We vote for politicians to serve us. IE accomplish things that we feel need to be done.

    I don’t really blame Mr. Wyatt or the residents as the city council seems to have succumbed to pressure from South Stormont and the Quarries and essentially done an about face. I was told that there was only one brave city councilor who was still willing to implement the truck ban.

    That’s how things work. That’s politics in action. When the people speak and the politicians don’t listen they don’t get re-elected, and when they do they manage to stick around for awhile.

    As for the tone and attitude of your comment it makes me feel sad, and it makes me wish that you could be forced to move to Richmond Road.

    Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

  3. no thats ok ill stay in my nice place in riverdale where my house doesnt shake

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