Habs Trade for Big French Canadian Centre Not Named Marleau – Latendresse Gone – November 24, 2009

L I N K Bye Bye Guillaume.   Alfred Ontario native Benoit Pouliot is now a Hab.  The 200 pound centre was drafted just before Carey Price in the 1st round of  2005, but has not achieved much success as of yet.  In other words he plays kinda light although I like his play off numbers in the minors.

Then again, neither has Mr. Latendresse.   Sergei Kostitisyn was also called up by Montreal.   Thanks to Mr. Gainey for giving us something to write about and for Tony Marinaro to have something to talk about on the team 990.

Could this be a precursor to those rumors of Scott Gomez going to Columbus for Umberger and Vermette?  I like that trade and would love to see the Habs be able to do it.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Latendresse.   My gut tells me that his head never adjusted to his body at the NHL level. He wasn’t good enough to be a top six, and his skill set wasn’t bottom six material.    He should do ok  with the Wolves.

Cap wise it’s almost a wash via salary, and both players will be restricted free agents at the end of the season.

In other NHL News Georges Laracque was given a 5 game suspension for being very mean to Red Wings Defensemen Nick Kronwall.   Heck, it was a knee on knee and Kronwall is out for at least a  month.


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  1. Marleau is French Canadian?

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