New Pet Store in Town Sponsors OSPCA in SD&G Saturday December 5, 2009 – Stacy’s Pet Depot – Cornwall Ontario

stacy Stacy Landriault and her partner Alain Leblanc have opened up one heck of a Pet Store at 805 Sydney here in Cornwall Ontario.

It’s a smaller version of big box pet stores and features a full line of pet food as well as a grooming facility, birds, fish, reptiles, lizards, small animals, supplies, toys, and just about everything related to that special pet in your family.

She’s pictured with Toopy the African Grey Parrot that’s the stores mascot!

Saturday December 6, she’s hosting a special day for the OSPCA of SD&G from 10-5  It should be quite the event and hopefully a lot of cats will find new homes.


So whether you come in for the OSPCA Adoption event or just are looking for that special Christmas gift for your pet visit them at 805 Sydney Street in Cornwall Ontario.

Click any image to visit their website for more information!


The store’s fish section features Salt & Fresh water fish as well a full line of tanks & accessories.     Live Rock & Coral are also available.



  1. was wondering about how much the cost would be to get a salt water tank set up

  2. Author

    Hi Gisele,

    If you click the links via any of the images in Stacy’s story it should take you to her website where you can find their contact information. I’m sure they can fix you up.

  3. It’s the only place to buy quality food for my dogs! This store has fabulous prices too!

  4. Could Stacy reply to the letters I sent her. I bothered writing them, I believe they deserve her attention. I will not rest until this matter is resolved. I’m starting to believe her employees are not handing her the mail. If Stacy did read my letter, why is she not contacting me?

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