Geez I hate sleazy stores at Christmas – Grr…. I’m so tempted to name these sleazeballs….

shoppingSo I’m trying to buy my wife something special for Christmas.  I hate shopping, and I feel like I can never get the right gift.   I’ve bought a few things already, but wanted this item I could only find online.

Find a coupon code for free shipping & 20% off.   Go to the website, and they scream free shipping everywhere.  I’ve ordered from this company before and, you got it, free shipping.

I spend over an hour sifting through “stuff” and finally go to check out.   They whack me with a $25 shipping fee.

We need more stores in Cornwall.   Not selling the same old, same old made in China crap; but things that people want and appreciate; especially at the holidays.

How is your holiday shopping season going?  Where do you find the best deals on the most different stuff in Cornwall?  I just don’t have time to go to Ottawa or Montreal this year.

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  1. Liked your story Jamie…

    But perhaps… reflect on what I have recently come to cherish…

    Sometimes… I care is in a Bag of Cheese and sometimes it’s in a tray of danish… and sometimes it’s in a no-name ball cap or a heater….

    Love is a most strange beast…Though I agree not right to promise FREE shipping then add **** except**** at the end…

    The gift IS the journey. ( even if it is in hidden shipping charges…you sought to get her what she wanted most) ….

    A few days ago I was at a celebration where I heard a story I want to share.

    A teacher decided he wanted to do something different, so he moved overseas and began teaching in a refugee camp in Africa. The conditions were poor – no electricity, and few supplies for the one-room school, but the refugee children and their parents were excited about learning and the opportunity it provided. The teacher loved their enthusiasm which somewhat compensated for the conditions and he stayed for a number of years. Eventually, it was time for the teacher to retire and return to America. At the end of the year, the students and their parents had a celebration because they loved the teacher and his commitment to them over the years. There was one boy who was sad because he was very poor and did not have enough money for food, let alone for a present. This really bothered the boy and he thought a long time about what he could give his beloved teacher. Finally, he had an inspiration. He borrowed a bucket and walked to the ocean, a three hour journey. When he arrived, he filled the bucket with white sand from the beach and carried the filled bucket the three hours back to the refugee camp, where he proudly presented the bucket of sand to his teacher. The teacher was puzzled, but thanked the boy for the present, and said, “You didn’t have to walk to the ocean, you could have given me sand from here in the camp.” The boy shook his head and explained, “You don’t understand, the gift is not the sand. The gift is the journey.”

    So, how about you? Do you miss the journey because you only focus on an end result? You may have missed the best part. The entire testing craze that grips the country focuses only on the bucket of sand and misses the drama and beauty of the education journey.


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