What a Beautiful Day to visit the 11th Annual South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade Show at The Long Sault Arena! Admission is Free – May 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – I had a chance to pop by the 11th Annual South Stormont Chamber of Commerce Trade show at the Long Sault Arena last night.    Reg Coffey of Coffey’s Coffee has his magical brews waiting to go.  Reg will also be calling in with reports on Seawayradio.com starting at 10AM !

There are over 60 vendors and exhibitors at the show including the Mechanical Cow from the Ontario Milk producers who also are offering up free samples of Ice Cream and Chocolate Milk!

Admission is FREE and there are tons of activities.  It’s a family friendly event with free chocolate milk for the kids, and some amazing displays like Rudy Tabak’s 16×24 Model Train set up and a mechanical cow from the Ontario Dairy Producers that actually can be milked!

Dale of Tron Data and Reg of Coffey’s Coffee Milk the Mechanical Cow!

Show Hours today are 9-5 PM!

Some of the participants and displays that will be present include Benson Automotive, St. Lawrence Parks, Cars from KIA , Wine makers & Wineries,  Shannoncourt Kennels, Investment Companies, Home Improvement companies, Lawyers, Building Contractors, Personnel Care companies, Spas, Travel Agents.  Just about something for everyone!

The team from Fence Depot of Cornwall who won best prize for Booth Image!

There’ll even be Roasted BBQ Pork Sandwiches and more to munch on!  Coffey’s Coffee, one of the only Coffee Roasters in the region will be on site as well.    And for you technology minded people interested in learning more Tron Data & Computers will be there as well!

The Fire Department, Ontario Provincial Police, and Ontario Power Generation who’ll have a working display.

Long Sault is minutes from Cornwall Ontario.  Exit from Highway 401 and take just off of Highway number 2.  It’s a great day trip from Montreal, Ottawa and even from over the Border.

For more information visit the website for the South Stormont Chamber of Commerce!


  1. When I first saw the picture of Reg Coffey in this article I thought it was Hamid Karzai standing there.

  2. What I see is a fine man with a mug of fine coffee. I do do find it just a bit odd that a Mr Coffey sells coffee?? How did this come about? Do you know that Reg has written a recipe book about BEER … just in time to watch the hockey playoffs. He won’t drink much since he is a Leafs fan … maybe sometime this decade … or not.

  3. Hamid Karzai? Concerned Citizen, I think you need to clean your monitor off!

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