Letter to the Editor – Scrapping the Long Gun Registry – Earle Macpherson – Cornwall Ontario – May 7, 2010

Scrap the Useless long gun Registry

Can you just imagine that the registry has cost so far since it was introduced over 2 Billion dollars, that’s a 2 with nine zeros(2,000,000,000).

Picture the number of diagnostic procedures and on time scheduled surgery’s that the people of Canada could have received and the number of lives that would have been saved and the needless suffering that many people have endured because of the lack of proper funding for our health care system.

This registry achieves nothing and the Chief of police of Calgary,Alberta  agrees that this system is a waste of money,time and energy.The criminal element in this country have not and will not register any weapon they have so why punish the legal gun owners.

The registration of prohibited and restricted weapons is sufficient to regulate guns.I submit we should direct these funds toward something that would benefit more people and would be more measurable.

Earle Macpherson

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  1. Mr. Macpherson,

    There is nothing wrong with the Gun Registry. It’s something that law enforcement has supported, and something that many Canadians wish to have. The problems, which have been very real, is that it’s been implemented in a mind boggling fashion that has inexplicably cost a lot more money that it should.

    Personally I don’t think having a GUN is a right. Guns are on this planet for one reason and that’s to KILL. We have enough things on this planet that can kill and hurt. In a society that is increasingly less and less accountable I think we need to have some sort of form of registration and accountability.

    If you have to register your car, you should have to register a violent tool capable of changing peoples lives as quickly as a gun can.

  2. Before you can buy a gun legally, you need an FAC. This registration is the only database you would need.

    Guns can be for protection of a livelyhood, ask a Farmer who (almost) lost animals to a coyote.

  3. It’s better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it. Let’s start a knife registry. There are certainly more deaths in Canada attributed to knives than guns. So go register your Henkel’s and lets pour another $2 Billion down the drain. When will you people realize that NOBODY is safe!

  4. What’s next knives,baseball bats.I have never seen or heard of a weapon jumping up and committing a crime unless it was in the hands on a person.Guns don’t kill–People with guns kill.Most people haven’t got a clue as to what the restrictions were before the long gun registry boondoggle came into effect.The hatred for guns is mainly by the uninformed and clueless left wing who would ban everything from soup to nuts.A few morons going off the deep end with firearms doesn’t reflect the behavior of millions of law abiding hunters,target shooters and skeet shooters etc

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