Letter to the Editor – Mark A. MacDonald – Should Cornwall Police Share Resources with OPP? Cornwall Ontario – July 2, 2010

Regarding the recent announcement of the new “Police Motorcycle”, really begs the question, why are we not sharing this service with the OPP?

Recently, our city police force gave up on our “police dog” program, opting for sharing the service with the OPP.

Our taxpayers are being stretched to the limit and it’s time we consider all our options, with respect to any of the services our city provides.

Mark A. MacDonald

Councillor, City of Cornwall

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  1. It comes to mind that at the G20 in Toronto most of the policement were on bicycles. I wonder how many bicycles could be bought for the City of Cornwall for the price of the Harley’s? Are our police in shape enough to ride a bicycle?

  2. The G20 was a small geographical area to get around in by bike, besides short quick commuting, they serve a buffer zone and possibly protection. You need enough Police in cars so the bikes can compliment, not replace response and other needs for the both protecting citizens and Police Officers..

    A small group need to be locked in a small room with access to documents listing every service, to see where cuts can be made, or shared with other government levels.
    So where can a few from this board sign up?

  3. Why do we even need OPP and or Cornwall Police? I have worked in western CIties of similiar size and they use only the RCMP. It would appear in this area for a populus of 46,000 we are nothing more then wasting money again using three seperate entities to provide the same service.

    Add to that the Cornwall police do not pay the rent and other costs for the building, according to Maureen, so we loose revenue yet again

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