Cornwall Transit – Back to School Specials and Fast Facts! – Cornwall Ontario – September 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s back to school time and that means getting to school and what better way than taking the bus?

Cornwall Transit has a special offer for students this year.   The special will be discounted rates during the months of October and November for all student wishing to buy monthly student passes or 10 student tickets.

St. Lawrence College students wishing to take advantage of the free rides will need to show their St. Lawrence College I.D. to the bus driver and can hop on at any time on any Cornwall Transit Bus.

Sales on the Back to school specials will begin during the last week of September.  Prices will be:

  • $40 – Monthly Student Passes (regular $52)
  • $12 – 10 Student Tickets (regular $17)

For the latest on routes and fares, contact:

Cornwall Transit
863 Second Street West
Tel: 613-930-2636

It’s amazing what you don’t know about the services in our city like the Transit system?

  • Thirty (30) minute service provided on all routes Monday to Friday until 7:15 p.m. and on Saturdays from10:15 a.m. to 6:15 p.m.
  • Sixty (60) minute service provided during evenings and Saturday mornings.
  • Two (2)  Community Service buses offer scheduled service from Monday to Saturday on an hourly basis and is open to everyone.
  • 14 Conventional buses
  • 10 Handi-Transit buses (5 Natural Gas)
  • Many accessible features
  • 6 low-floor 30′ buses. The first in Cornwall in 2009
  • 24 Full time operators
  • 5 Part time operators
  • 6 Mechanics, 4 Service Personnel
  • 9 Administrative staff
  • The first Cornwall Electric street car began service on July 1, 1896.
  • A Department of The City of Cornwall since November 11, 1974.
  • Transport approximately 685,000 passengers annually.
  • 88% of city residents are within 300 metres of a bus stop. There are over 240 bus stops city wide.
  • Automated next stop Annunciation System
  • 95% of bus maintenance is done in-house.
  • There are 43 bus shelters city wide.
  • There are 23 bus benches.
  • A 2008 Eldorado, 30′ bus is 6,000 lbs. less than a 40′ bus.  Equipped with a Cummings diesel engine with a regeneration system. Will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Approximately 900,000 vehicle km are driven annually.
  • 2 Community Service buses provide door-to-door fixed routes. The bus is a low-floor, fully accessible
  • 15 passenger vehicle available for anyone and is geared for seniors and persons with disabilities.
  • Handi-Transit eligibility criteria revised in 2005 to include visual and cognitive disabilities.
  • Handi-Transit transports 40,000 passengers annually.
  • Buses are available for charter services within the city at a cost of $60.00 per hour. Contact Len Tapp at 613-930-2787, ext. 2252 or for further information.

For more facts or information call: 613-930-2636 or visit the The Cornwall Transit Website.

Take the Bus Today!

Cornwall Transit


  1. Why are we paying private operators to bus students to school, while at the same time paying subsidies to an unused municipal transit service?

    The Cornwall Municipal Government and the Ontario Provincial Government can end this contradiction of paying for a mushrooming schoolbus industry with your tax dollars, then paying to have our own transit system sit idle.

    Over $720 million is spent province wide each year (over 2 years that would pay for laptops and internet access for every student transported), reducing this by any percentage would be welcome.

    Cornwall Transit should be the provider of transportation for students (whenever possible) in the municipality.
    * Ridership would increase.
    * The transit service would be fully utilized.
    * Well paying driving and maintenance jobs would be created.
    * The province would save money.
    * Students would get in the public transit habit.

    Cornwall needs a voice on council to advocate that schoolboards use city transit services where available, and to have council as a whole lean on the province to cut the waste and recognize that the school bus lobby has an agenda that is breaking the bank.

  2. First of all Jim Marshall, do you even ride the city bus, I assume not, if you think our bus service is unused. There is more ridership now than there has been in a while, and there were stats published in the newspaper that show as much. Second, I am fairly certain high school students use to ride city buses, until a certain yellow bus company offered a better contract. So while having students ride the bus is Utopian and sounds great, having students on the yellow buses keeps prices for us tax payers down and it is a boost to a business that operates services in our city. So unless City Transit can lower their prices as to compete with this private company, that figure of $720 would actually balloon under your plan. Therefore your plan will either a) cost more for the taxpayer or b) hurt a private company. Of course if the City does ship students, it will create more jobs with City Transit, probably better paying jobs than the yellow bus company can ever offer. But who is going to pay for this increase in jobs, once again, the tax payer!

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