Gambling Problem? New Democratic M.P Purposes Changes to Pro-Line by Markus Noé – February 15, 2011 – 16/22

Ottawa ON – In an effort to keep gamblers away from placing their bets illegally with “bookies,” New Democrat M.P Joe Comartin has put forth a new bill. Currently, when playing Pro-Line, in order to place a legal bet one has to pick the outcome of at least three games. This new piece of legislation would make it possible to place a bet on one game or sporting event at a time. Comartin also added that if this bill would come to pass he believes it should be allowed in casinos only and not made available at convenience stores.
Gambling throughout Canada is a billion dollar industry. It is believed that organized crime has been taking a thick piece of this pie because they have created an unfair market. When placing a bet illegally one can bet on a single game and be matched dollar per dollar rather than picking three games and playing the odds. In theory this should deter some illegal gambling. While this does seem attractive to gamblers this bill does come with a negative.
In the current system a winning ticket often comes with a good return for the investor because the odds pay out. However, in this purposed system the wager would have to bet a large amount in order for the return to be worth it. Also, a person who likes to wager on sporting events is not necessarily someone who goes to the casino on a regular basis.  For people with gambling issues this could be a disastrous combination.
During a brief discussion with a regular sport gambler, who wishes to remain anonymous, he had this to say about the bill.
“I would bet more with Pro-Line if I could bet on just one game at a time. However I think having to do so only at the casino is ridiculous. Also I don’t think this would affect the profits for organized crime at all.”
This source has a good point when factoring in that the government will never let a gambler borrow money or lay off a bet. While members of the illegal gambling community see this as another source of income by charging large amounts of interest on this money.
Being able to place a single bet on single game which is the key point to this bill in theory is a good idea. Such as in the case of any new legislation, amendments will need to be made. Especially on where a bet can be placed, by making it only available at licensed casinos essentially cripples the main purpose of this bill.
To me for someone who is an avid sports fan but never places bets with Pro-Line because of the current standard, I see this is a great idea. As young and struggling writer this sounds like a logical way to supplement my income. Common sense would suggest that betting against the Toronto Maple Leafs on a regular basis would make me a winner on most nights.

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  1. Damn straight, Leafs suck!

  2. Author


  3. Watch it.. We’ll get Reg commenting on how great the leaf’s are and then I’m gonna have to go set his car on fire.. 😉

  4. It’s in the Honda dealer’s lot waiting for servicing. Have at it.

  5. I would also like to say that your odds would be even better if you bet against the Senators, the hockey team and the political entity.

  6. Nice shot at the leafs but if you were smart (which obviously you arent) when the Leafs play they’re always an underdog which means you always get around double your money when they win. Do the math and try again. Bet on them and make lots of money. ex Boston VS. Toronto 100 bucks gave me 270!!! Sounds good to me. Go Leafs Go

  7. Does this country really need more legislation? There are enough rules / regulations and red tape already!

  8. Americans from the border states will flood the Casino’s if they price these single game wagers at fair -110 odds.

  9. Let the gambling begin.Goodluck all/I,ll be taking scotts advice.Go leafs go

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