Mark A MacDonald Wants to be Your Liberal Candidate for SD&SG in the Upcoming Ontario Provincial Election – February 28, 2011- Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mark A MacDonald wants you to help him gain the SD&SG Provincial Liberal nomination.

Mr. MacDonald is a retired firefighter and avid Musician.   He volunteers with several groups and is hard at work helping with this year’s Cabane a Sucre Festivities in the Le Village section of Cornwall.

The former Cornwall Ontario City councilor has rebounded after his run for Mayor of the City of nearly 50,000 people on the St.Lawrence River and made the decision to try and replace popular MPP Jim Brownell.

He was first to cast his name into the race which culminates with the nomination contest in May.

You can follow Mr. MacDonald on FACEBOOK .and you can visit his website by clicking HERE.


It is my intention to seek the nomination as a candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party in the Riding of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

As an active community minded person and being a life long resident of Cornwall, I feel that I have a deep understanding of the current issues.

I believe in an Ontario that is worth fighting for and I believe that under the present leadership we are moving in the right direction.

Our well respected MPP Jim Brownell has a big pair of shoes to fill and the future is bright, the hard work presently being done must continue.”

Mr. MacDonald also received his first public endorsement from long time Liberal John Milnes.

Mark A. MacDonaldA huge advocate of the Arts, especially locally, Mark can be found playing at all sorts of events and loves especially the Concertina.

He also is hard at work on his new blog.

You can read it by clicking HERE.

(This page is a paid endorsement for Mark A MacDonald for SD&SG Liberal Candidate )


  1. Marc ~~
    I applaude your continued dedication to your community and wish you God Speed in all your endeavours.

  2. (Latin)

    Ave Mark! Morituri te salutamus.

    Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur

    Donec eris felix, multos numerabis amicos.


    Hail Mark! We who are about to die salute you. (Gladiators before the fight)

    A true friend is discerned during an uncertain matter

    As long as you are fortunate, you will have many friends (when you are successful, everyone wants to be your friend)


  3. I’m not a Liberal but I support Mr. MacDonald. Mark has done so much for our community, youth, arts and don’t forget how many fires hes helped put out in the past. Regardless of the political party choice, hes got my support.

    Good luck to you Mark.

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