“A Vote for Guy Lauzon is a Vote for Stephen Harper” George Samis Speaks at Mario Leclerc Office Opening – April 3, 2011 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Mario Leclerc is eager for the challenge of winning SD&SG Ontario in the May 2 Federal Election.

He’s facing some stiff competition from incumbent MP Guy Lauzon of the Harper Government and Liberal candidate and city Councilor Bernadette Clement.

Saturday morning he and his team opened their campaign office at 256 Pitt Street with former popular MPP George Samis present to whip up the party faithful!

Mario speaks  about key areas of focus after the Event.


George Samis showed he still can rouse a crowd!


George speaks one on one after the event.


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  1. Guy always was good at hiding to me anyway, came out of the wood now and then to let us know he was still there. I emailed him once about my concerns and never got even an auto-reply.

  2. Did it take you this long to figure that out George?

  3. I have always voted the green party. But this year I was very impressed with the professionalism of the NDP Candidates. They have shown that they are straight to the point, upon answering questions from the media. Stephan Harper beats around the bush, as well as Ignatieff who is two faced and can’t decide where he should call home. His attendance in cabinet is very repulsive and I feel that our representatives have an obiligation to attend and work for their money instead of getting paid a extremely large salary to do nothing!!!!! As Jack said in the debate if the average person missed work 70% of the time they would be fired not promoted. It is about time that the government has a responsible party and I feel that is the NDP. 🙂

  4. Thinx we all agree guy is an ass…but unfortunatly it is attached the the head.

    Angela, have you considered where the NDP is going to gain the billions in revenue to implement the promises they make?

    Social programs are a good thing but more money for them is only putting gas into a fire.
    Just look at the local hospital, more money in health care would first and foremost end up in a riase for people such as Despatie and what is left would trickle down to us the end user.

    No more money for education, no more money for health care and no more money for social services. We need better management in all these instances. Until we achieve that there will be no improvement.

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