Letter to the Editor – Darlene Walsh of Cornwall Ontario on Harper Government & Abortion – May 5, 2011

Cornwall ON – Our Government the Conservatives have stopped listening to what we their constituents have asked for.  Laws to be put into place to end abortion. there at this time is absolutely no law stopping abortion right up until the day of birth.

A  bus sponsored by Pro-life is going To Ottawa and will leave at 7:30 A.M. from Walmart on May 12th; with stops in St. Andrews and Monkland to pick up anyone that feels that our Government must listen..

There is no charge. However, Donations greatly appreciated.

Please check out these sites, become informed.  Young girls caught in incest, and prostitution are also forced to abort and women are not being educated on the damage caused to them physically and emotionally before aborting.

Pro choice is no choice !!! When a women is not given all the facts. Or all the other alternatives available when they go to a pro choice office. And this is the case in the majority of offices.
Most women would choose life for their unborn child, if given support and education needed to make an informed choice.
If you feel in Pro choice:  Please be informed on what pro- choice means from the mouths of women that have been there, done that.

Darlene Walsh – Cornwall Ontario

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