View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – EYE on NDP New MP’s – May 17, 2011

Ottawa ON – I see NDP MP Pat Martin thinks all the attention being paid to newly elected MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau is over the top. Really, that’s a bit strange coming from an MP who is known for his over the top comments and media-seeking profile.

While Brosseau may indeed bring fresh insight and energy to parliament, she is but the first of many NDP MPs who will come under scrutiny. It’s actually well deserved because it does highlight some of the failings of the NDP in Quebec. If your organization and ground game is so weak that you have to settle for virtually any name to fill in a blank space on nomination papers, then your team has serious problems. The same holds true when your candidate makes their first visit to the riding after the election is over.

Once the House returns we can expect other NDP MPs to come under the watchful eye of the media and of the public. Even old timers like Pat Martin will not be able to get away with some of their earlier antics nor will they be able to make the same type of over the top comments that they used to make to attract media attention.

The performance of the NDP in Question Period and on the various House committees will also be evaluated. Every comment will be noted and the outlandish ones will become media stories.

Opinions expressed by NDP members on a variety of subjects will also be analyzed in much more depth now. Party discipline and their MPs personal discipline to refrain from commenting on every subject, no matter how divisive is now important. The NDP is no longer the third party, they better get used to being in the glare of the media spotlight.

NDP MPs, both new and old, are now part of the Official Opposition. They are supposed to be a “government in waiting” and Canadians will expect a certain level of professionalism from them. I don’t recall any previous cabinet minister going on TV and using hand puppets to make a point which highlights the fact that all NDP MPs including Pat Martin will have to step up their game.

Keith Beardsley is a senior strategist for True North Public Affairs in Ottawa, as well as a blogger and political analyst. He can often be found running or cycling on his favorite bike trails.

Scott Beck



  1. Another head-scratcher of a View from the Hill.

    For “over-the-top comments”, how about the Harperite pit bulls—Baird, McKay, Van Loan and Poilievre? As to Ruth Ellen Brosseau “highlighting some of the failings of the NDP in Quebec,” doesn’t Ms. Brosseau’s election highlight the failings of the Conservatives and the other parties in Quebec?

    Are we hearing from True North or Magnetic North?

  2. Would the NDP or any party, only have candidates they thought could win, if we got rid of the 2 dollars per vote subsidy?

  3. When was that era Reg? was big business runnig elections when Canada was more prosperous then it is now perhaps?

  4. Pierre-Luc Dusseault is currently Canada’s youngest MP. According to the media he appears to be a bright and upcoming politician. It is a good thing to see!

    I found it interesting how quickly he was ushered away from the media after he won his riding!
    The claims from the NDP were “being he is so new and inexperienced we need to discuss policy with him prior to speaking with the media”.

    However it is good to see youth in a party, we have such a staunch representation of whore masters and criminals running things for all too long.

    Too I wonder if this is the beginning of change for NDP policies. Are they now heading in a direction which will have them remove their political association with social programs and Unions? The NDP has more votes in Quebec, which will change in the next election, but not much for the rest of Canada.

    Seeing this ushering away brings to mind a song by Metallica called “Unforgiven”
    “New Blood joins this earth
    And quickly he’s subdued
    Through constant pain disgrace
    The young boy learns their rules
    With time the child draws in
    This whipping boy done wrong, deprived of all his thoughts
    The young man struggles on and on he’s known
    A vow unto his own that never from this day
    His will they’ll take away”

    Read the rest for yourselves and follow the new recruits.

  5. smee “we have such a staunch representation of whore masters and criminals running things for all too long”. Wrong again smee, we got rid of the Liberals a few elections ago. They stole themselves out of government. The people who replaced them in government were so outstanding that they have just received a majority government from the citizens of Canada.

  6. and your point is Stan? remember I voetd blue as well.

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