Predatory Radio Practices Deflating Local Events in Cornwall Ontario From Canada Day to Lift Off – June 30, 2011

Cornwall ON – Apparently our MP, Guy Lauzon upset a radio station this week and made one happy.

Mr. Lauzon seems to be the controller of the Canada Day festivities in Cornwall and radio station manager Mike Guimond received a phone call from Mr. Lauzon personally stating that his station was not welcome to set up in the park as they did last year for this year’s festivities.

We sent emails to both Mr. Lauzon and his executive assistant asking for comment before publication.

If Mr. Lauzon or his offices wish to reply or respond to this we’re happy to publish after as well.

Mr. Guimond sent in the following for publication and we are posting it unedited and in its entirety.

Last year Mix 96.1 and 101.5 The Fox were thrilled to be invited to help celebrate Canada Day in Cornwall by Dave Runions. (Great guy!). As a service to the community, and free of charge, we promoted the Canada Day events and broadcast live on both stations from our booth near the stage in Lamoureux Park.

It was a great day filled with great local entertainment. We called Dave to do the same thing again this year…and no problem. Promos go to air, web promos up (again all free of charge).

Then I get a call from Guy Lauzon. He informs me that the Canada Day committee has signed an exclusive deal with Corus and they don’t want any competitors on site.   Sorry, maybe next year. (Sounds like CBC Ottawa…but wait…this is Cornwall.) He should have filled poor Dave Runions in on that one. Dave does so much work for this event lining up the great local entertainment (and kudos on a great job) one would think he would be privy to any exclusive vendor agreements. But we aren’t vending anything.

Just trying to promote this great community event and keep people in Cornwall. (I remember last year all the lanes of traffic heading into the US were full and backed up on to the bridge. But I digress.) I thought Canada Day was about celebrating Canada’s birthday. And the ideals of patriotism, heritage and freedom. Seems its more about exclusive agreements.

With all due respect to Corus and Mr. Lauzon, what is Corus so afraid of anyway? And why hide behind exclusive contracts for community events? If anything, perhaps last year was a wake up call for Corus. And by the way, where was Corus last year? Oh that’s right they didn’t show up to the Canada Day Celebration. Our stations are here to stay…we’re not going anywhere, and we thank our thousands of listeners and fans we have in Cornwall and SD&G for tuning in. Happy Canada Day! Be safe!

Oh, and by the way…Mix 96.1 and 101.5 The Fox will be live from Canada Day, in a safe legal spot!

This is not a unique situation apparently.   Going back to when Scott Armstrong was the head honcho of the Corus stations in Cornwall predatory practices have been the norm with several area events granting exclusivity even while in many cases still paying for advertising.

In 2010 we ourselves were sponsors of the Lift Off and this year; after founder and president Chris Savard resigned, and then his successor Rick Shaver shortly resigned thereafter, we received this answer from Candy Pollard from the Lift Off team.

Hi Jamie
as you know Corus has exclusivity
I am not involved in the sponsorship sales
you would have to discuss that with Judi Auger
who is our Chair
Candy Pollard

That being a bit of an odd response as I was especially directed to Ms Pollard by Jason Jesmer.

That’s business, that’s fine in a way; but when the events are supported by public monies with the purpose to promote our community does it make sense?    Lift Off being the perfect example.   In 2010 Lift Off received about $75,000 from the Ontario government alone; nearly as much from the City of Cornwall in kind and services as well as some of it in cash.  They received monies from the DBIA; Akwesasne, and other locations, but were in the middle of a three year exclusive contract granted by the Lift Off board which has Rob Seguin, a Corus employee on its rolls.

Lift Off is the keystone event for this city of nearly 50,000 people.  It’s a non-profit corporation.  While Lift Off’s origins were organic and it’s been a tremendous success at some point organizations grow past being able to be run on the back of a few people that throw bones to their employers and friends surely?

Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off is a not-for-profit organization and is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, consisting of 19 community leaders. Our goal is to see the festival annually break even and should there ever be any operating surpluses, these dollars will be invested into the following year’s festival.

The more dollars we raise…the higher caliber event we can deliver!  (from Lift Off website)

And surely the main goal is to attract positive attention to the city and the event and what better way to do that than have all of the area and regional media lend their special skills and talents to help promote the event and our wonderful city?

From Frank Holiday:

94.7 Hits & Wild Country 96.5 would welcome an opportunity to work as one of many radio partners with Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off. With Wild Country 96.5’s over 32,000 Canadian listeners,(over 7,600 in Cornwall) and the power and reach of 94.7 Hits, Cornwall’s #1 station for 12-17, 18-34, and 18-49 year olds…Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off could be taken to a whole new level as we invite our over 280,000 weekly listeners to come and join the festivities in our beautiful city.

Again; I’m not attacking Corus or Lift Off.   I am asking why decisions are made regarding certain aspects of how things are done at times as have many others who were interviewed for this story.    Our site draws in over 50,000 viewers per month with Ottawa being our number one city.   We’re also the only Cornwall area media that does TV quality commercials produced in house even.  Surely an export event would benefit from our support and sponsorship as well?

I spoke with the organizers of the Corn Stalk event a few years back who were told to drop one of their radio sponsors and go exclusive with Corus and still would have to pay for advertising.

Winterfest, Waterfest; again more of the same practice.

Andre Rivette was very clear about his position as the Lift Off board via city management requested and were given a $30,000 interest free and unsecured loan by the city for this years event and a special meeting of council was created where city council voted near unanimously even though the books of Lift Off were not opened or examined.   Again, would this be available to other groups that wanted to do things in Cornwall?

Elaine MacDonald explained to me that she would still vote to give Lift Off the funds because of its marketing importance to the city.   Maybe it’s simply time for the city to consider that if Lift Off is that important to Cornwall and region and if they are going to invest as much money as they do that some sort of management team be in place and perimeters be in place as well to focus on the goal of promoting the city and the event so that it draws in the most people possible in a positive manner?

Right now Lift Off seems to be an event about promoting Corus radio and its local stations in Cornwall. Again, that’s fine as long as Corus writes the cheque.   The fest only features bands that are of the same radio format as its stations?  (LIFT OFF SCHEDULE LINK ) Would not Country Music, Jazz, Blues, Hip Hop, and other formats not pull in people?    And can a festival grow with acts like Kim Mitchell and Collective Soul being paid thousands to attract people while Jazz fests go on in Montreal and Ottawa?     The Tragically Hip from Kingston play Water Town NY; why not Cornwall?   Willie Nelson plays Burlington Vermont; why not Cornwall?

Amanda Marshall?

And Lift Off is an opportunity to support local bands.   As of this writing there is no mention of any on the Lift Off Site.  There are over 12 references to Corus brands on the schedule page including this notice:

Surely if people wanted updates on Lift Off there should be a multitude of options including the Lift Off website which for the most part still hasn’t been updated with less than three weeks to go to show time?   Again, for a community that is focusing on Arts and Culture for its future and spent thousands of dollars on a report that recommends the creation of an Arts Council and Arts Centre this event would be a prime opportunity to help local bands get exposure on the backs of those that came to see  Kim Mitchell and Collective Soul?

One band sent in the following that they received from Rob Seguin of Corus radio who’s in charge of the music for Lift Off and whose own band, Rub Salt,  seems to play the event nearly every year.

Hey guys,

One of the approved acts may be backing out. This would leave a spot for one of the three bands (including yours) on our stand-by list. Here’s the deal. None of our local opening acts are being financially compensated. Each has agreed to donate their 45 minute performance to the festival. Each band member and a guest will get a weekend pass to the festival. Please let me know by Monday at noon if you’re interested. We will then determine who gets the vacant slot via ballot. Thanks. Rob.

So last year the Province kicked in $75K and we couldn’t afford to give a local band $750?

I sent in requests for comment to many city officials; but have yet not been given any comment “on the record” other than by Councilor Andre Rivette.     I also sent in requests to most of the Lift Off team.  The current Chair; Judi Auger sent in the following:

Hi Jamie,
There is a two part answer to this 2 part question. Corus DOES NOT have exclusivity to all media output. We have for many years had a relationship with Le Journal, Seaway News, the Standard Freeholder, Cogeco Cable and others from time to time and continue to do so. CKON is another media outlet who regularly broadcast news and information about the Lift-Off Festival activities and offer listeners promotional contests and prizes. The affiliated papers of the above sponsors are sent press releases so they can inform readers in all our surrounding areas regarding the bands, balloon rides and other weekend events.
Our goal is to co-operate with media to ensure Cornwall has a successful Festival and to encourage out of out of towners to visit our city and support our local hotels, restaurants and retailers. It also is a highlight for thousands of our local residents throughout S.D & G.


You also have been sent information about the festival and have been invited to interview Collective Soul.


Kinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off does have a partnership with Corus Entertainment who has offered unprecedented support to this festival since its inception. Over the past five years alone, Corus Entertainment has provided the festival with over a half million dollars of in-kind marketing support and thousands more in cash donations. The specific details of our agreements with any of our sponsors and community partners are strictly confidential.Secondly, Corus Radio does not receiving funding of any sort from any level of Government. On the other hand Corus Entertainment pays millions of dollars to the Government and Government regulated bodies for broadcasting licenses, SOCAN and FACTOR fees, etc.


Corus Entertainment does not receiving funding of any kind from the community. All revenues are generated via paid advertising. With that said, in 2010 Corus Entertainment’s Cornwall brands contributed more than $925,000.00 in charitable donations to Cornwall and area including cash donations and in-kind marketing and support services. Corus Entertainment gives back to our community.


Thank you for this opportunity to reply to your questions.


Best regards,


Judi AugerKinsmen Cornwall Lift-Off 2011 – Board Chair


There was a children’s story by Hans Christian Anderson about the Emperor not wearing any clothes.   I think it’s time; especially as we start to focus on Arts and Culture in the area that we reconsider how we do things at various levels if our goals are to help build and grow our community.     I think it’s time that those that sit on boards like Lift-Off and vote for giving exclusivity to any single company without truly being compensated maybe find something else to do with their time?

As someone that has worked in events I also would seek exclusivity for the company I worked with.  We generally had to pay a fee for this as the events had to balance the loss of broad support vs that of a single sponsor.  For the Lift Off board to go hat in hand to borrow money from the City of Cornwall; who have already given so much; means that decisions were made by its board that led to less funding and support and much of that lack of support stems from alienating people by these types of exclusive decisions.

The DBIA in Cornwall pulled its financial support of Lift Off.   I spoke with one beer company that said it’d offered more than Lift Off has currently been receiving and has been rebuffed numerous times as well.

Lift Off will survive.  It is the keystone event for this city and a tribute to the spirit that helped built it and support it.  It has hundreds of  volunteers that put in tons of hours to make it the show piece that it is.      And from what I’m hearing things are going to change and hopefully for the positive and that the people that voted to give such a contract that favored a company over the community will not be back.

Cornwall is a great city with wonderful opportunities for growth.  We just need to change our “culture” and some of the practices and start truly working together to make things even better than they are.   Hopefully next year’s Lift Off with hopefully some new blood on the board of the Non-Profit Corporation that runs it embraces that challenge and reaches new heights.

Should an event that takes public monies grant exclusivity to any media company?

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145 Responses to "Predatory Radio Practices Deflating Local Events in Cornwall Ontario From Canada Day to Lift Off – June 30, 2011"

  1. Craig Michaels   July 3, 2011 at 12:14 PM

    This kind of “that’s not fair” whining is getting old. If you don’t like how Lift-Off is run then start your own festival. The calendar isn’t that crowded.

    Many of you have no inkling how much work is involved in running an event of this size, nor the financial resources necessary, commonly offset by exclusive sponsorship deals. The small amount of money put in by the city changes nothing. Cornwall receives a huge amount of press and exposure through Lift-Off. Consider them another sponsor.

    If Cornwall Free News cares so much about the success of these events, they’d promote them the way they have outlined whether they’re being compensated or not. If Cornwall Free News doesn’t, then their motivations are no purer than those they call out. Maybe if Cornwall Free News practiced long-standing, trusted journalistic best practices rather than being a personal soapbox, then it would be considered a viable media source and be invited to partner on community initiatives.

    As for Rob Seguin’s perceived “conflict” – If a guy is going to invest so many hours of his time for free, sure I’ll give his band a spot, or hang a banner for his business – why not? When you are inclined to get off your soapbox and get your hands dirty doing the real work of staging a festival, you deserve something for your time contributing to your community.

    In the meantime, there are thousands of ‘bloggers,’ fancying themselves as ‘media,’ who can post an opinion on the internet. Opinions don’t build anything – don’t get anything done. They are the forum of those too lazy to do the real work of maintaining a community.

    “Actions speak louder than words” – I’d rather hitch my horse behind the guys who have accomplished, rather than spoken. They are the rare breed who have built and sustained the community through the years.

  2. admin   July 3, 2011 at 12:35 PM

    Hi Craig,

    Welcome to The Cornwall Free News and thank you for sharing your opinion! Last year we were sponsors. Mr. Seguin abused his position last year with us and this year we like many media were not invited to be sponsors because of the exclusivity granted Corus and that actually is the subject of this story. Giving tax dollars to events run the way Lift Off appears to be run. It just doesn’t wash if the goal is truly to attract as many people as possible to the event and Cornwall; especially if that lone media isn’t by far the largest in the area which Corus isn’t. There is a stronger radio presence; stronger internet presence, and of course print media.

    As for Mr. Seguin. Sorry to respectfully disagree with you. Either you truly are a volunteer or you are volunteering for some motivated benefit; in this case making sure that as much as $100,000 is spent on music acts that are the same format as your radio station and that you get your band to play in a prime spot every year. That to me isn’t volunteering. That’s simply horse trading.

  3. Michael Guimond   July 3, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    Hi Dave, Mike Guimond here…just to set the record straight, it was your committeeman Sherman that invited us last year…(sorry, my bad) where we had a chance to meet and talk with you a bit. This year I did contact Guy Lauzon’s office to see if we could broadcast from Canada Day again this year, and they gave me your phone number. That is the truth…and that’s what I said when I called you. We chatted for a quite a while…talked about your daughter’s music projects, etc.

    We did not ask for a dime, but wanted to help promote Cornwall’s Canada Day festivities FREE. We ran a weeks worth of commercials and web promos at no cost on both Mix 96.1 and 101.5 The Fox, and broadcast live with 4 of our DJ’s…3 of whom are from Cornwall… We paid them cash to be there and promote the events which they did.

    So you understand, while our main studios are located in Massena, that does not make us a Massena station. Our station is where our listeners are…and we serve and cover from well past Brockville, up to Ottawa and over to the West Island…and Cornwall is in the middle…what we consider one of our hometowns. We have listeners in all those areas.

    This year we were walking around at about 9am and ran into Sherman…he said we could go ahead and set up where we did last year…so we did. It’s apparent that any exclusive contract that Corus has with The Canada Day Committee…is between Guy Lauzon and Corus. Guy showed up at 10:30, and began to verbally abuse my staff. “Welcome to Cornwall” I said to Guy…”You can’t be here” he replied. “Well, Happy Canada Day to you sir!” I replied. So after he tore into everyone, we decided to take his advice and broadcast from the entrance to the Civic Complex…great location! Met tons of people, gave out hundereds of balloons to the kids, window stickers, and koozies. We welcomed people to Canada Day, and our staff stayed on site…we didn’t just park our vehicles and run.

    We did our part to promote Canada Day…in a city we call home.

    We mean no disrepect to you, Guy Lauzon, the Canada Day Committee, or to Corus…my only hope is that before you offer exclusive sponsorships, you offer an opportunity to ALL media. We are members of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce…so it’s easy to contact us.

    I mean, wouldn’t you agree that the more media outlets talking about Cornwall the better?

    I know how hard the committee works…and we wish you the best of luck for next year. We will of course offer to help again…

    Take Care…


  4. admin   July 3, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    Mike you may be a chamber member, but I do believe Mr. Lauzon isn’t any longer…

  5. Amanda   July 3, 2011 at 8:17 PM

    No matter how you slice it, a perk is a perk, a reward is a reward. Volunteering is volunteering without seeking any gains or leverage.

  6. Diane   July 4, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    Maybe there should be a volunteer appreciation night to recognize the efforts of the volunteers instead of giving them the prime time slots and then other bands will have the opportunity to open in the coveted time slot. There is more than one way to credit the volunteers.

  7. smee   July 4, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Craig Micheals, wow a name out of the history books….last time I spoke with you was a basement New Years Party. 70’s?? 80’s??? hmmm 70?? Ah who can recall but we had fun.
    Good to se you are still doing well!!

    As for organizing an event it is not that difficult so long as you do not play favorites and have the ability to work with others. What is the revenue on this balloon fest?? Peanuts it truly is. I can only imagine how micromanagement occurs here as well.

    What is wrong with Cornwall?, we need a little intellectual DNA from outside the inbred politics that is so prevalent in the area.

    Seguin son of a retired teacher and principal,
    Gowsell son of a retired teacher,
    Kilger son of a political hopeful….
    Carr son of a local politician.
    Hart principal with a daughter betrothed to the son of a local politician hopeful
    Martel. Son of a former local politician.

    That is just to name a few. It is like a weed similar to creeping Charlie once the infestation begins….it is unstappable and like creeping charlie it becomes protected by the entittes create to control it.

    Nice people in Cornwall yep but maybe if they were not so nice and actually took a stand on local issues things would improve.

  8. smee   July 4, 2011 at 11:20 AM

    Mr Runions
    Regarding your statement “The most important fact during Canada Day, is an issue of safety.”
    Why did you have a Giant Tiger jeep and train driving around the only path route that is easily accessible by people having difficulty navigating the area? No Signs, No Sirens No warnings what so ever.
    Watching both driver and passenger maneuvering the spectators while eating away, not something I would necessarily call safe driving practices.

    I find it nothing short of miraculous that nobody was injured a playful child darting out could have been devastating. Yet you claim safety was a main concern, I think maybe Jamie is right it is time for you o step down?

    Most of the people riding the train should have been walking anyway.

    It was an advertizing gimmick for a local store selling poor quality products made in Taiwan and nothing more.

    Between your friends helping friends organizational skills combined with DR.PAUL ROUMELIOTIS and the EOHU’s interpretation of health and safety laws (which is merely a matter of semantics) opening a local vendor stand is not worth the efforts. Trust me again this is the voice of experience again.

    I have no idea what your issue was with my last post, there was neither fiction nor misquoting what so ever. It was merely a list of what people already know. I find you are being somewhat childish and hypocritical by not showing the posts. Kind of the pot calling the kettle don’t ya think?

  9. smee   July 4, 2011 at 11:28 AM

    No court order needed, Freedom of Information Act will suffice

  10. PJA   July 5, 2011 at 6:55 AM

    *sigh*…so much ego, so much hubris, so much self-importance among Cornwall’s power cliques…so little justification for it…

  11. Mike Bedard   July 5, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Hi Everyone,

    I was interested to see how much rain did Lift-Off actually get last year to cause such a shift in momentum? So I checked the historical data on The Weather Network and found this:

    Amount of Precipitation (Rain):

    Day 1 – Thursday, July 8th – Headliner / Our Lady Peace
    Precipitation 0 mm

    Day 2 – Friday, July 9th – Headliner / Randy Bachman
    Precipitation 19.8 mm

    Day 3 – Saturday, July 10th – Headliner / Chantal Kreviazuk
    Precipitation 0 mm

    Day 4 – Sundayay, July 11th – Headliner / NO MUSICIAN
    Precipitation 11.6 mm

    Total Precipitation (Rain): 31.4 mm
    Dates of which musicians where found came from the

    What floored me was the fact that there was no rain during what should have been the biggest draws and to add to this THERE WAS NO RAIN FOR THE 4 DAYS LEADING INTO THE FESTIVAL!

    I run several outdoor sales and this I have already run 6 Hot Tub Expos (All Outside), running from Thursday to Sunday and I have made a profit on EVERY EVENT!

    FISCAL RESONSIBILITY means to spend within your means…..NOT ……to operate on a HOPE AND PRAYER!

    I love the event but when you start using money that could have gone to other usefull arts and culture innitiatives then it rubs everyone the wrong way!

    I only mention this weather observation because it shows rain during the main headliners act as of today (although that may change and I hope it does) and if the rain affected last years festival so badly last year with NO RAIN during THE MAIN ATTRACTIONS then is not reasonable to conclude that RAIN during THE MAIN ATTRACTIONS should end the festival; as we know it today?

    Mike Bedard

  12. admin   July 5, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    Mike what Lift Off is refusing to share is how much cash they have paid to Corus Radio during this three year “exclusive” contract. I think that answer is very important as to why those that voted for that contract should not be on the Lift Off board and may even turn out to be a factor as to why the event lost its founder and two presidents in such a short period of time contrary to “official” statements.

  13. Cojones Kid   July 6, 2011 at 5:43 AM

    Show me da money!!!

  14. Sean Harley   July 6, 2011 at 9:01 AM

    Thought you would all like to hear Rob Seguins rebuttal with regards to what people are saying about him here in this post. This was posted on the wall of a fellow Cornwall musician.

    Rob Seguin – “Knock ’em dead Clark. In 23 years of playing professionally in bars and lugging gear, I have never had the opportunity to play the Canada Day festivities in Lamoureux Park. Glad your opportunity to play was not negated by the influence of some egotistical musicians who exist in our community that have a prejudice against cover bands. Looking forward to at least one of them writing a hit single one day. Have a happy Canada Day and enjoy the gig.”

    First of all, this egotistical musician has nothing against cover bands, some could argue that my band is primarily one. As far as writing a hit single someday, I don’t write music to someday have a hit single, I write because I love to. The fact that were sold over 1000+ physical copies and our debut CD and just as many in digital format, doesn’t make me obnoxious about it, it makes me proud. But thats right, when asked why his Corus stations don’t promote local artists the very wise Rob Seguin said “I play the stars, I don’t make them”…. Well said… touche

    Goodnight Owen Sound, we are Collective Soul!

    Sean Harley

  15. Charlie   July 6, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    Exactly the problem Mr. Seguin. “I play the stars, I don’t make them”. That is the attitude that make most of us sick. You are in a position, unfortunately for the rest of us, to quite possibly help make stars. God forbid you live up to it.

  16. Sean Harley   July 6, 2011 at 11:24 AM

    Just saw the local Lift Off schedule and it looks like Mr. Seguin has done the right thing after all. Rub Salt is not on this years batch of local bands playing. Strange… all it took was this public outcry to do it…

    We, the people, thank you

    Sean Harley

  17. admin   July 6, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    Baby steps. There are good people in this city and good things can happen when good people take action. 🙂 Now if they can put the local bands on the Lift Off Website an help promote that’d be a huge step!

  18. Bob Wilkinson   July 6, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Always amazes me how people who are proverbially number two complain because they aren’t number one. People, groups and companies become number one by working hard. The team behind lift off has worked hard for many years while people who have nothing better to do sit on the sidelines and throw spitballs. So what if Corus is the media sponsor and has exclusivity for radio? They are the number one stations, they are local and licensed in Canada, pay taxes and employ local people. Stephens Media (formerly Martz) and Martz own stations are licensed in the USA and take advantage of loopholes in taxation and such to do so. Monies paid by local companies to SMG and Martz are sent back to the USA. I believe the editor of this “news” site also railed on Stephens after the Traci Trottier incident. Funny now how “admin” is promoting other stations who are not Canadian owned and operated now because it suits his editorial. Months ago US-owned radio companies were the evil-doers.

    If you look at the sponsorships from lift-off, there are levels and some offer exclusivity. Period. If you don’t like it, as a previous writer said, start another. I doubt anyone will because again, it’s the spitball view which is why you are all number two.

  19. admin   July 6, 2011 at 1:41 PM

    Bob I have not promoted anything. I allowed others to offer a quote in this story to help support the position and clarify the nature of Predatory radio practices via Corus. I think we did that quite clearly. As for being number one Corus is not number one in Cornwall in radio or internet. They are a valuable part of the media of this region that I think I and others feel have to learn to play nicer in the playground.

    A piece of a bigger event is much better for all than owning all of a tiny one. Enough with the predatory practice and it’s time to work with others to help Cornwall and this region grow!

  20. Liz   July 6, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    Forgive me, but I thought the park was free and ANYONE was allowed in, including media. Is this not so?

  21. Liz   July 6, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    Who is playing in Rub Salt’s slot?

  22. Amanda   July 6, 2011 at 8:43 PM

    Why on earth does a cover band need a spot on lift off anyway?? In a band night with original headliners, doesn’t it go together that original acts should precede?? If it were a tribute van halen night for instance, then sure, have a cover band ahead of it. But I don’t understand why a cover band should get a prime slot when what this city needs to do is foster and showcase it’s ability to support and grow original acts. If I were an original act that somehow found stardom…after all the way the city and radio stations don’t offer support to local acts….when asked where I was from I’d say Ottawa or someplace else, cause why the f*ck would I return to the place or give thanks in monetary ways or otherwise that never lent a hand?

  23. Greg   July 6, 2011 at 10:49 PM

    I want to start by saying that I have been following this article/post from the beginning and have read all of the posts. (Even the ones that are no longer here. due to space I suspect). At first it seemed to split into 2 different topics. Corus’ exclusivity over promotion on Canada events at the park and second was the entertainment managing skills of a Lift-Off committee member. I have been interested in this post because there are issues here that concern me to my core.. I do play in a cover band and have been been playing in cover bands for 20 years.. I have no ambition or want to play at Lift Off. I don’t feel its my place to be there.
    After a lot of thought over the past few days of this article I have realized that it is one issue with many heads.. The main issue is Corus’ behaviour in our community.. I do believe that Lamoureux Park is public place paid for by the taxpayers of Cornwall and surroundings. The other side of the coin is IF Corus Entertainment paid for the ENTIRE event for the day from P.A. rentals to security, Fireworks and everything in between, they definitively have the right for exclusivity. Anything else would be a grey area.. The second issue is Corus and Lift-Off. Without a doubt that the relationship of Corus supporting/promoting Lift-Off has help make it the success that it is.. What has been bothering me and sitting in the back of my head is the attitude of a Corus employee/Lift-Off committee member.. Some people hear have defended him. I am sure he does work hard at putting his part of Lift-Off together but with power comes responsibility. To clarify things here, here is name and title. Rob Seguin – Program Director, Music Director, Promotions and Marketing Manager of CJSS Cornwall Corus Entertainment. Dealing with the public with that title comes a lot of responsibility outside of his daily duties at the station. To read his quotes disturbs me that he has the power he does.. Its thinking like this that keeps Cornwall from being a great city.. The first quote I’d like to address is “Looking forward to at least one of them (local bands) writing a hit single one day” If memory serves me right Graham Greer had a hit single a few years back and even had a Video on MUCH MUSIC. I also remember Ritual (Sean Harley of T.T.O.) and (Jason Collis of THE SHINERS) being signed with a record deal with Harry Hess of Sony Bmg . Just a few I can think of off of the top of my head.. The second Quote I’d like to address is “I play the stars, I don’t make them”. Mélanie Brûlée, Sara Murphy and a lot of other local talent currently have self produced albums with potential that can use the grassroots support of the community and to showcase at Lift-Off or on local radio would be great exposure. This is the type of thing that is in Robs power.(refer back to his job title)
    Shania Twain from Timmins Ontario(Pop 45,000). Latest sensation Justin Bieber from Stratford Ontario (Pop 32,000). Why can’t the next Big Sensation be from Cornwall. It would be nice to known for something more than Project Truth and our smuggling problem.. I have toured in bands through Northern New York, Western Quebec and Ontario from Hamilton to Barrie to Timmins and most small towns up to Sault Ste.Marie and those are always the first comments I get when I mention I am from Cornwall.
    In conclusion the question remains is Corus behaving badly and if so do we want this in our community.
    footnote.. Cover bands have many venues to play and get paid all year long.. Original Bands usually play for little or no money and there are a lot less venues for them to play. a place like Lift-Off and others venues like summer fairs are a great place for local talent to reach the masses..

  24. PJA   July 7, 2011 at 12:12 AM

    “Looking forward to at least one of them writing a hit single one day.”

    “I play the stars, I don’t make them.”

    What a truly vile display of pomposity, not to mention sneering contempt for his peers. No wonder Rob Séguin is so despised in Cornwall’s music scene! Seeing such a person publicly getting his lumps makes the taste of justice a whole lot sweeter. It should be quite interesting (and wholly satisfying) to see what other dominoes this scandal will cause to fall.

    I really hope this marks the beginning of the end of Cornwall’s power cliques. We deserve so much better than to live under the rule of these tyrants.

  25. Greg   July 7, 2011 at 12:19 AM

    If all local up coming talent needs to rely on others forms to promote themselves and music other than local radio. ex: Websites, Twitter, Facebook,Youtube and itunes and we as consumers are now shopping and listening on these other avenues, where does this leave local radio in the next 5 to 10 years.. Does anyone listen to THE JEWEL 1220 anymore.. you can’t because its gone.. I think that local radio needs the community a lot more than the community needs local radio..

  26. admin   July 7, 2011 at 6:24 AM

    Hi Greg, Welcome to The Cornwall Free News. All the comments are still there, as of this post there are 75 which I believe may be a record for the site. All you have to do is go to the bottom of the comments and you’ll see a link to “older comments” which will take you to the next page.

    da management 🙂

  27. Amanda   July 7, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    those quotes are pretty surprising..but maybe less so after what I’ve read here. Alot of the problem with the city is it’s sort of selfish stance on things. Competition is healthy, it makes you better and makes you up your game. But you have to be willing to embrace it. The city needs young blood, but why would young blood ever bother to return? How is it that a city out in western Canada can grow by almost 300 000 in a few years while Cornwall never seems to change? C’mon, let’s release the parking breaks here and get this place know for something great. Lift off is a great thing, it’s successful and that’s super….but some fundamental attitudes still need changing around it. As far as corus goes, they may get a few more years but as data shows terrestrial radio listeners are declining as internet radio sites like Pandora, last FM, Jango are taking over. Satellite radio and streaming services are the future. Just like the fat cats in the major labels didnt want to move with the times…..well,

  28. Jacqueline   July 7, 2011 at 9:27 AM

    Honestly….with all the amazing talent in Eastern Ontario, we can easily headline some of our very own home grown Artists at Lift Off. Regional talent is featured, supported and appreciated at the “longest consecutively fun Fair in Canada, The Williamstown Fair. I would be more inclined to make a trip to see a Tracy Lalonde than Kim Mitchell. Yes the man is amazing however Tracy is new, unique and LOCAL. Tracy Lalonde you say??????…..who is that. Well folks this is a lady with a unique sound who is going places if she so desires. Going places requires places to showcase her talent and getting paid a fair wage to do so. This is just one of many regional entertainers who captivate and inspire. Just one of many regional/local performers/artists that I’m certain our community would like to see supported by our special Regional Events and Media Outlets. Come on Cornwall!

  29. Grimalot   July 7, 2011 at 10:51 AM

    @Mike Bedard,

    Randy Bachman should have been on Saturday night. Most of the people were walking out on Saturday night because the music was way too sleepy in my opinion!

    As heavy rain as it was, Randy Bachman’s crowd stayed through the rain to enjoy the show. Chantal, as good as she is, was the wrong pick for what should be the best evening of the whole Lift-off. Even without the rain that night, the crowd was leaving in droves. People don’t want to party to sleepy music.

  30. Mesha Boyer   July 7, 2011 at 12:44 PM

    I’ve grown up in this community my whole life and I’ve only lived out side of Cornwall for a whole two years of my life. About a year I was spent in Kingston Ontario and the other year was spent out of province in Alberta.

    My experiences with Cornwall, is there are very few free things for the youth to do. You either like to use drugs, or drink, and or party on weekends. For myself not enjoying any of those there seems to be nothing left.

    I proudly promote Lift off to anyone I speak with as being Cornwall’s Event of the Year, as “a must to see.” So giving credit where it belongs the volunteers and the co-ordinators are doing their jobs and well.

    The main concern is how to improve and make Lift Off even better next year. To make Cornwall’s surrounding areas choose to visit here. All the time I hear my peers “Well I’m heading out to Ottawa for…, or to Montreal for…” Having opportunities for our youth like playing a local event, Would be such a benefit for our community. It would be inspiring to the youth in the area showing them that they can be part of our community, Receive our support, that they can have fun doing so, with out having to fight tooth and nail for the “opportunities” Cornwall boasts about. Cornwall is always looking for ways to promote the youth to better themselves, ways to break what seems like an endless cycle of drugs, booze, and welfare in our city, what better then an opportunity like this?

    What Cornwall could benefit from is a change in the mind set in all parties involved young and old.

    Its disheartening to know that the “Role Models” here in our community don’t actually fulfill what it means to be a “Role Model”. What kind of message is our older generation offering to our aspiring youth if our “Role Models” give up on them and don’t actually want to support them. If someone is in a position to offer the “break” that someone needs and all they do is shoot them down, then why should that person still be in a position of power?

    “I play the stars, I don’t make them.” ??? What is that really suppose to mean, out of context I’m sure it sounds worse then what it might have intended to be, but if we simply shut doors that easily for our youth how can our community expect to see positive changes in Cornwall.

    Lift off was and should always be for the community, if companies want to be involved they should be aloud. If they want to offer donations then that should be taken before paying people to so something others are offering to do for free. I know the clean up and the security all have costs that need to be met but really at this point Lift off is such an important community event maybe these things should just be done for the community free of charge, as donations for bettering our community. It’s makes the business look good anyways why dose it always have to come down to money?

    Lift off has grown so much at this point I don’t think that it needs to beg for support it’s having companies begging to be a part of it. The Corus contract even if it wasn’t fulfilled, Lift Off wouldn’t go un-aired by any means. Cornwall wouldn’t slip back into the dark ages there is so much support for this event so many companies wanting to be a part. That why is the event still thinking they need to rely on paid contracts? It is a shame that the people in power are not taking advantage of all the resources available to them using all of the companies that volunteer, here is the real question “Why are the REAL volunteers being shunned away”

    Its really like the left hand not talking to the right hand, don’t they work better together? Really there are some thought processes here in the community that need to be revised.

  31. Folk City   July 7, 2011 at 12:52 PM

    You are so right, Jacqueline. There are many people at lift off too, who just can’t seem to make the walk to down town. I was thinking how it would be, if local musicians choose the moment to go for a walk and play their instruments anywhere they choose downtown, sort of like buskers.

  32. Grimalot   July 7, 2011 at 2:57 PM

    @Folk City, a friend of mine just happened to be sitting in Lameroux park at one point, no event going on, nothing, just playing their guitar on a park bench, and they were chased out by bylaw officers telling them that they are not allowed to play their guitar without purchasing a license to do so from the city. I mean come on, what kind of bs cash grab is that? Now, if the local musicians go walking down wherever they choose and play their instruments, will the resulting situation be any different from my friend? I don’t think so. Seems like in this city, gone are the days where you can go and choose to do something you enjoy to do, without being accosted by someone trying to get money out of you to do it… This city is so riddled with some ridiculous bylaws sometimes that its in turn putting restrictions on almost otherwise normal life..

  33. Sean Harley   July 7, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    Folk City, absolutely true. But here’s one for ya, about 5 or 6 years ago, I was getting frustrated with the whole Lift Off boys club thing – and I’m not talking about the locals band on the bill but the organizers. By this time I was fully entrenched as the black sheep who dared speak out again them. So, once the line up had been announced, I had noticed a huge glaring absence of local talent, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had just started Trench Town Oddities at the time and we had a decent following so I approached Don Cherrys, who’s patio resided as part of the City Complex facing the bandshell, and offered them a free show, on the patio, with multiple bands during Lift Off. My sell was that there would be a ton of foot traffic so we could just as easily keep people there eating and drinking. Not to mention that Corus had snubbed Don Cherrys by having their launch party at another established. Regardless, on the Saturday of Lift Off we started at noon and had a bunch of bands, all genres – originally and cover – playing until 1am, with myself then Graham Greer ending the night. The patio was full all day and our sound system could be heard into the park. We also had taken upon ourselves to get people down at Lift Off handing out flyer s for our show. As you can imagine, it did not go unnoticed – although they had no authority to shut us down, they were none too happy. Needless to say, the next year, Corus had made an exclusive agreement with Don Cherrys on the condition they didn’t hire me and Corus would hold all their party’s and announcements there.

    The point I’m trying to make is things can be done to promote all the great local talent in our city, despite the efforts of others to do the contrary. So don’t give up. When I talk about our home town to people outside our community I’m extremely proud to tell everyone about the great talent we have in this city. I’m a true believer that, because of the caliber of musicians in this city, that the bar is set extremely high compared to a lot of cities. That truly is incredible. Think about it, for the size of this city we have some truly crazy talented people – Graham Greer, Nancy Beaudette, Marc Muir, Mel B., Joel Sauve, Kelly Heenan and the crew, etc and these are just a few people I know – there tons out there I don’t. I’m always hearing of the up-and-comers who I’m told will blow my mind, and frankly I can’t wait to see them.New bands like Switch Gear and Bryden Ave…. Hell, Ryan Leger is touring the world with Everytime I Die, what more do you want!

    I’ve always said that if you can make an impact in our fine city that they can excel in any other territory. Its too bad we have people who”volunteer” for the biggest local music event of our city who seem to not see that.

    Ye Olde Black Sheep

    Sean Harley

  34. admin   July 7, 2011 at 3:15 PM

    great story Sean. It reminds me of when I was covering the Sundance Film festival. A mini fest of those that didn’t make was created at the same time called Slamdance, and then a 3rd group that year rented an empty store in Park City; bought some junk furniture in Salt Lake and had all night movie parties calling themselves Slumdance. You wouldn’t believe some of the talent that came down and enjoyed checking out Mario Bava flicks,and I think I even fell asleep on a couch there one night and missed my bus out of Park city!

    Independent spirit is truly wonderful; but it’s even better when people work together to achieve a goal!

  35. Liz   July 7, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    So…who is playing in Rub Salt’s time slot?

  36. Michael Guimond   July 7, 2011 at 7:48 PM

    Hi Bob, just so you know, we employ Canadians in Cornwall…so the advertising revenue goes back into the local economy…it doesn’t go to the US. (or to shareholders of a publicly traded company). We are a private company investing in the Cornwall Community.

    Hi Amanda, I appreciate your comments regarding “Terrestrial” Radio…and wanted to share some facts with you regarding Canadian Radio Listening Trends…and this is good news for ALL radio stations…Corus, Mix 96.1, 101.5 The Fox, The Martz Group, etc…
    (This is an excerpt from …full address below)
    Radio listening increased significantly in 2010.
    Listening happens anytime, anywhere. Results from 2010 indicate that daytime listening has increased significantly over the past few years.

    Morning Drive up 10%
    Mid Days up 10%
    Afternoon Drive up 20%

    In a typical work day Terrestrial Radio has a 31% share, where online radio has only a 9% share.
    83% of all adults 18+ say they listen more or the same to radio across Canada.
    The facts can all be viewed here…

    If you look at history, no media has ever replaced another…they just changed the way the media was used and accessed. Chronologically…Print, AM Radio, TV, FM Radio, Recorded Media (8 track, vinyl, cassettes, CD’s, mp3, etc), Internet/Online, Satellite (XM/Sirius).

    You can listen to most radio stations online and on your cell.

    So the truth is that Pandora, LastFM, Jango, etc are not taking over. They are just another way to listen to recorded music. You still only have 24 hours in a given day.

    But I guarantee when you need local news, information, or God forbid emergency mass communication like during a natural disaster like an ice storm…people will get their info from radio.

    A world without radio…Imagine if every radio station in the world went off the air, well quite a few years ago there was a power black out across much of Eastern Canada and the US…and most radio stations were off the air. Only the ones with a generator were on…and believe me it was as if it were the end of the world…I was searching for a station in my car to get info on why power was out everywhere. It was the scariest and most erie feeling I’ve ever had. That’s the closest that I came to imagining a world without radio. We listen to it so much, so often we sometimes forget it’s there…kind of like oxygen. But when it’s gone completely…you notice it.

    Michael Guimond
    Mix 96.1 & 101.5 The Fox

  37. admin   July 7, 2011 at 9:14 PM

    Mike I think you might want to check those numbers a bit. I can tell you that in my home when the radio is on it’s via the net; not via a radio. Even when I listen to local radio, a rarity, it’s via the net as the sound quality is usually much better online. And I can tell you during crisis that we probably had more viewers than anyone else live and during the event; especially during the Cotton Mill Fire where we had over 900 live listens in a 7 hour period as Corus couldn’t broadcast with the fire being close to their building, and that was in addition to the over 40,000 page views on The Cornwall Free News. pulled in over 30,000 live listens in a single year. Those are not samplings extrapolated; those are actual clicked listens.

    Terrestrial radio is on the decline and will probably not be around much within 10 years as we know it. Even now you can plug your iPhone into your car and listen to whatever you wish.

    That’s shifting to TV too. I have a Roku box. Technology changes. What people want is good quality content. How it’s delivered isn’t much of an issue at the end of the day. Cost and convenience rule the roost. As for your other statement; you are a US company that is leaching into Canada. You may have staff here, but you are not a signatory to the CRTC; do not follow CanCon or participate at most levels that companies like Corus do. Your profits do not stay in Canada; they go the owners of the company who when I last checked were in Oklahoma or Nevada?

    This story is about Predatory practices by certain employees of one of the biggest and most successful media companies in CANADA; not about the struggles of a small US company trying to make a buck; not that there’s anything wrong with that. You guys are not a Canadian station nor will you ever be unless you become one which you won’t, right?

    Corus pays taxes into the system at multiple levels and is a participant fully in the Canadian media kaleidoscope. Sure it can do a much better job at supporting local music, and not letting their staff dominate public events. But at the end of the day they are Canadian.

  38. Chris Blanchette   July 7, 2011 at 9:43 PM

    Wow all i can say was my Band was not asked !!! Being part of a local band for past three years .Max 80 has not been asked being one of Cornwalls top band since sam-hill and still no stage time ?

  39. Crystal   July 7, 2011 at 10:10 PM

    & I totally agree with many in this group – I DOUBLE DARE the people who are SO against Lift-Off to organize their own festival this summer. The park is available many weekends in August/September.. even something in October would be lovely! If it is THAT easy and if you have such fantastic ideas about how it should be run, then I DARE YOU! Stop hiding behind your computer and start putting your money where your mouth is. Sad truth of the matter is that no one in this group will do anything….

  40. admin   July 7, 2011 at 10:15 PM

    Crystal I don’t think anyone who posted in this story hates Lift Off or Cornwall.

  41. Michael Guimond   July 7, 2011 at 11:49 PM

    Jamie, I already checked my numbers…I quoted them from the Radio Marketing Bureau in Canada. I even provided the link. See for yourself. The story is the same both sides of the border my friend. Radio listenership is very strong and it’s increasing, not going away. XM and Sirius were bleeding money until they merged…(they actually lost $127M in 2010). You don’t honestly think that because your household rarely listens to radio…that you can paint everyone with that same brush, meaning ALL households rarely listen?

    Our stations have had over 127,000 live listens…that just means that the Internet plays an important role as a delivery vehicle. Radio reaches 91% of adults in Canada…same figure for the US.

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to those individuals in my last post.

  42. Jim Kerry   July 8, 2011 at 12:31 AM

    I am Used to going to festivals with no cops, no media and friends who are the entertainment. I’m talking about 2000 people gathered on beautiful land to celebrate life.

    This could never Happen anywhere near cornwall because of Bullies, Cornwall is a Bully town with insecure people who nothing better to do than be on a power trip and bully others.

    Maybe one day people will wake up and realise that if we all get along and band together, something beautiful may happen.

    I’m volunteering for a world music festival to benefit and organization that educates and reincerts young and lost children of 16-30 find skills related to the environment and teaches them how to gain employment. Maybe Cornwall could learn from this as there is an overload of lost souls here.

  43. Folk City   July 8, 2011 at 12:52 AM

    Grim, do it again and challenge the bylaw officer to write the ticket. Make sure you have a guitar player at every bench and corner. At worst it’s a civil as opposed to criminal offence. Then go to court. It won’t even go to court, you know why it won’t go to court? Because the Crown will throw it out. LOCAL CORNWALL BYLAWS DON’T OVER RULE THE CANADIAN SUPREME COURT!!!!!! It’s an easy case to win, especially if you want to. I’d love to see the Crown examine tickets against a hundred guitar, flute and bongo players, can you imagine what a circus that would be and how incredibly foolish and stupid the artistic community would reveal local petty bureaucrats to be from coast to coast as they squelch free speech while at the same time pay for an 85 page report to City Hall on how to treat local artists? It would be better than Saturday Night Live or National Lampoon. You can’t make up stuff like this. Come on, wake up, stop living like children. Take charge of your sidewalks and parks. Stop being humiliated. Have people been so gutted they don’t even have the nerve to play a bongo? That’s funny.

  44. Folk City   July 8, 2011 at 1:09 AM

    If I knew how to play a bongo I would be proud to bring my parents, press and friends to witness my trial for playing a bongo – how much could the ticket be? I would brag about it forever. Course then again, maybe music is just for wimps and sissies. Rock and Roll won’t die – it will crawl like an insect under the iron heel, is that what happened? When was the day the music died?
    Admin knows me. I will put up a hundred dollars towards fines if you register with CFN before committing the grave heinous crime of playing a musical instrument. Anyone else want to help?
    Did any of you musicians actually listen to your lyrics?

  45. Folk CIty   July 8, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    It’s hard for me to accept or believe, Grim that the children and grand children of the people who won World War Two don’t have the nerve to play a bongo in the park. If that’s really true…we will probably be invaded by Albania.

  46. Folk CIty   July 8, 2011 at 2:51 AM

    Are you telling me that you would risk a parking ticket, jay walking ticket (civil offense) but you wouldn’t risk a bongo ticket? Grim, seriously now. You are closer to this generation than me. Do you think that a young person thinks that they could be tasered, jailed, shot or beaten if they continued to play a guitar or bongo in the park? Like, do people feel that they will be subject to immediate prison or physical violence, loss of passport, rejection for citizenship, loss of grant, loss of bondability, if they play a bongo in a place where dad says they can’t? I’m not trying to be silly here. I’m trying to understand. Anyone? Is it like that? Is that what people think? Maybe I’m really far out of touch. Personally, I’ve never seen more than six people and some geese in the park, unless there was an event.

    Do you feel that further discussion in this direction and my offer of a hundred bucks towards bongo fines, violates Section 59 of the Canadian Criminal Code? If you were to engage in discussion of this with me do you feel that you would be engaged in a Seditious, premeditated, conspiracy to incite an act of public disorder? Do you think that your generation actually feels there is a significant likely hood that they will face a conviction of 14 years by conspiring, intending or publishing an intent to play a bongo in the park? Are you and the rest of Cornwall’s musicians too scared to have a public conversation with me about playing a bongo in the park? I haven’t checked all the bylaws. Is there a bylaw against listening to or playing Bob Dylan? Have you ever heard of Bob Dylan? Have you ever heard of this guy named John Lennon? Have you ever heard of this band called, Bruce Springsteen? Have you ever heard of the Sex Pistols? Your generation should purchase AM and FM radios. You should have listened to 1220 AM when you had the chance. The music is free, by the way, on transistor radios. Have you heard of the transistor radio?

  47. Folk CIty   July 8, 2011 at 3:44 AM

    …do you think there would be a lot of tear gas, pepper spray and rubber bullets? Do you think that guitar players would be kettled and the bongo players kept in cages til trial? You do understand that the Van Doos have been brought back from Afghanada?

  48. admin   July 8, 2011 at 6:36 AM

    Speaking of brutality this was sent to me by one of our advertisers. Every once and awhile this sort of attempt to put the Cornwall Free News out of business takes place. This time the person signed a name but we have yet confirm it. If I actually wanted to “Gossip” I truly could as people wouldn’t believe what crosses our desk. And even if we were a gossip site I can’t share what sending this type of email represents. Luckily the majority of our sponsors understand this too.

    There is no listing for John Daurgth in either google or Canada 411 so if Mr. Daurgth is a real person I’d love to see if he has the cojones to step out of the shadows.

    “I was recently made aware of Cornwall’s Gossip Website, the Cornwall Free News. I just spent 15 minutes reading some articles where people were being brutally attacked. I can’t believe this website exists. I was even more shocked to see local businesses supporting such a smut website. I know I will not be hiring your company for XXXXXXXX services or using any of the other local companies who would support lies and hate spread throughout Cornwall.

    John Daurgth”

  49. Offended & Shocked   July 8, 2011 at 7:17 AM

    Admin. Your site has been offending me about two hours a day for several years. I can’t wait to see how you will offend me tomorrow. I remember when you were offending 500 people a month. Now you are offending 50,000. How will your advertisers react when you start offending ten times more people? Far as I can tell, people are coming to this site from all over Canada to get offended. You should print more stories about puppies, some reviews on white bread and mayonnaise sandwiches and way more stuff about Doris Day.

  50. KHz   July 8, 2011 at 8:07 AM

    @Guimand “The Asia-Pacific Telecommunity estimates that there are approximately 600,000,000 shortwave broadcast-radio receivers in use in 2002[10]. WWCR claims that there are 1.5 billion shortwave receivers worldwide.[11]”

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