First Blood Drawn in Ontario Provincial Pre-Election Debate at the Best Western Plus Parkway Inn & Conference Centre – HD VIDEO

Elaine Macdonald of the NDP, Jim McDonell of the PC's, and Mark A Macdonald of the Liberals.

Cornwall ON –   We here at The Cornwall Free News got a jump on the debate season and had the opportunity to host an All Candidates Debate for the upcoming Ontario Provincial election at The Best Western Plus Parkway Inn & Conference Centre in Cornwall Ontario.


We asked a series of six questions of the candidates with opportunities for rebuttal.    This is the first question we’re rolling out in HD video.  You can click to a higher resolution on You Tube and watch in full screen mode!  This first question was:

What is your party’s plan for tax relief?


Stay tuned as we post each of the six questions as well as the opening and closing statements of the Candidates!

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  1. Good initiative, Jamie, and good opening question.

    Watch the body language for trustworthiness. The more composed, the more trustworthy; the more one shifts, the more shifty/less trustworthy.

  2. Did they have the questions ahead of time? Liberals did not offer any tax relief plan other than the current track, which has not been about citizens getting relief.

    I would like more information on how the NDP and Conservatives would reduce HST, I thought the items included and the amount of time were not changing without affecting the 4 billion given to impliment it.

    If you have some extra time, check some of the Liberal handouts from across the province, the talking points are way to similar, and Mr MacDonald”s are no exception.

    This is a great format for voters to see and hear.

  3. PJR:

    Not, True! Some people who are passionate about a subject and know something is being said untruthfully have hard time sitting still and listening to political theatre or posturing!

    Elaine: You did amazing with the NDP platform but got off track with the “White Elephant in the Room!” Either way I would give you the win in this debate!

    Mark: Did a good job with showing great political posture and showing Ontario’s ranking and past decisions but the truth is the Liberal government has added more taxes than it has reduced! Mark always does a good job but Elaine ran away with this one!

    Jim: The Conservatives have a good platform but Jim is a little nervous and unfortunately it shows here but look at what he is saying and you will see the majority of what he is saying can not be debated without bending the truth! However, he seemed to have been ambushed by the Big Red Machine Audience! He unfortunatley finished in a close draw with Mark and I think this is what we see come election day!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  4. Author

    Just a note we’ll be rolling out all of the debate action over the next week. Keep viewing The Cornwall Free News for extensive coverage of area politics and the upcoming Ontario Provincial election.

  5. Mike: With respect, there’s a world of difference between being shifty and being passionate. Also, your comment appears to confuse speaker and listener.

  6. Hi PJR,

    Your read your commentand then watched the debate and what you said was “Watch the body language for trustworthiness. The more composed, the more trustworthy; the more one shifts, the more shifty/less trustworthy.”

    I only saw one person “shift” or keep moving in his seat and it was Jim McDonnell but he only did so when he was waiting to speaker and it looked like an reaction to being eager to speak! Being calm and emotionless doesn’t mean that they are more trust worthy than the others. Actually, mark was the extremely calm in this debate but yet was much more “shifty” in the municipal election. That doesn’t mean Mark was less “Trustworthy”.

    I don’t understand your comment it sounds a little bias don’t you think?

    P.S. – I read a lot of your comments and respect your comments immensely but that doesn’t mean that we can’t respectfully disagree on certain topics…..agreed!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  7. Hello Mike: Respect, of course, always. Notice how my previous post begins. I confess I find your last post hard to follow. For example you write, “Your read commentand then watched the debate and what you said was”… How could you know that? I wasn’t aware that you were sitting beside me to see what I was doing! Actually, I watched the debate then posted. Also, what does an observation about body language and public speaking have to do with bias?

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