Open Letter from Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty to PC Leader Tim Hudak – October 2, 2011

Open Letter To Tim Hudak, PC Leader

Mr. Hudak:

These are uncertain economic times. We both know that any instability and uncertainty will take Ontario off track. Our province needs a strong, stable, positive government to move forward.

Ontarians want a Premier and an experienced team that will stand up for our economy, our schools and our hospitals. Only the Liberals have a successful track record and a positive plan to keep us moving forward together.

That’s why I am running to form a Liberal government – and only a Liberal government.  There will be no coalition with either your party or the NDP.

I am proud of my plan and initiatives that will provide support and create hundreds of thousands of jobs and direct help to families in uncertain times, including: a 30% tuition reduction to help working and middle class families, bringing back doctors house calls to our seniors, and a $1500 tax credit to create jobs and help seniors stay in their own homes longer with accessibility renovations. 

Over the course of the weekend, you and Ms. Horwath have turned away from promoting your individual platforms and have engaged instead in trying to leverage political advantage through minority government speculation. 

As we approach the final days of this campaign, I will continue to talk about my positive plan for Ontarians and their families, building on my record and experience as Premier. 

In this election, voting Liberal is the only way to ensure the strong stable positive government Ontario needs in uncertain times.  Ontario voters know that they can’t get that by voting PC or NDP; they can only get that by voting Liberal. 

That’s the only way to ensure a steady hand in uncertain times.


Dalton McGuinty – Premier

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  1. Mr McGuinty, your organization and Ms. Horwath’s want to take more money from taxpayers to have a bank account reserve fund. Is yours 1 billion per year or just the one billion dollars? Ms. Horwath wants to take 2 billion from us. I feel strongly that my money should be in my bank account.

    Many people feel betrayed by becoming a have not province during your watch and not exactly telling the truth in a few areas. News today of you wanting us to believe you froze union wages is laughable.

    Many of us do not have regular raises but continue to see union increases. I firmly believe this government gets enough money now, it is just not spent properly.

    This is a Toronto blog of what people on the street talk about.

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