Cornwall Free News announces change to Viewer Comment Policy – October 27, 2011

CFN –  One of the things I’m most proud about on CFN is our amazing group of viewers that share their opinions.  Since February 2009 we’ve had over 13,500 comments left by you folks!   That’s pretty amazing especially as we, unlike many other media, moderate our site in an attempt to not have some of the weirdness that evolves on sites that simply have key word filters.

It costs time and resources, but I feel it’s worth it for our community, and for our goal to inform and entertain.

We have taken the measure to clarify and change our user comment policy.   To post on CFN now you will have to register with the site.   We will still allow users to post via pseudonyms, but if you’re not registered with us you won’t be able to post.

In any venue evolution is important.  Best practices and learning what works best for the collective always makes sense if you want a productive and viable business.   We’re going to be implementing this as well as some new site tools which should be finished before 2012 when we have our new site layout and name change to Seaway Today.

Thanks again for your support, for your viewership; for your support of our sponsors, and contributions to what makes CFN the independent voice that it’s become.

Jamie Gilcig – Editor

Cornwall Free News


  1. Comments seem to be dinked for now.
    Maybe try again in a few days?

  2. Hi Jamie, Furtz – Glad to be in the loop again.

  3. Author

    Hi PJR, my apologies for any hiccups on the implementation of stage one of our registration system.

  4. Thanks, admin, though none necessary. Love the patterned squares.

  5. Is there a way to put a silly picture in place of the patterned square?

  6. Author

    working on it. You should be able to put your own image of choice as an avatar…

  7. Author

    lol, Tom yours looks like a snow flake.

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