Letter to the Editor – Harry Valentine of Cornwall Ontario on Ballast Water at the Port of Cornwall Ontario – Akwesasne Alternative? November 8, 2011

The “powers-that-be” at Cornwall have rejected the idea of exchanging ship ballast water at the Port of Cornwall. No problem .  .  .  .  that rejection opens the door to play another card should New York State stand firm on their proposed regulations regarding ship ballast water, to take effect as of August 2013.
There may be opportunity for Mohawk Entrepreneurs to sell purified ballast water to westbound ships. If the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne is willing, Mohawk entrepreneurs may install water purification technology and storage tanks either at the southeastern end of Cornwall Island, or on St Regis Island. On St Regis Island, they may purchase electric power from Hydro Quebec to operate their technology.
You may be aware of a deep trench across the river, to the southeast of Cornwall Island. It may be deep enough to run a water pipe below the navigation depth of the ships and pump purified water into the ballast tanks of westbound ships.
When the westbound ships stop to exchange ballast water, there may be opportunity to off-load some containers on to a barge destined for Cornwall, either the main Cornwall docks or a mini-dock built near the intersection of Boundary Road and Montreal Road where CBSA may inspect the containers. Once cleared, trucks may transport the containers along Boundary Road and into Cornwall’s business and industrial areas.  

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  1. You would think more concern would be put into this to help the water way and great lakes. This ballast water could be picked up in areas that have toxic algae or even zebra mussels and they do not need transportation help.

    What size tanks would be needed to hold and make safe the ballast water?

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