Letter to the Editor – Tom Manley of Berwick Ontario – “The Liberal Party is alive and well.” January 16, 2012

Liberal Party is alive and well.

I just returned from the biennial convention of the Liberal Party of Canada. To friends and foes, I share this eye-witness account: the Liberal Party of Canada is alive and well. Recent speculation that the Liberal Party is dead or irrelevant is premature and plainly wrong.

The Liberal Party has been knocked down before, humbled following many years in government, as has any Party. Government has a way of stagnating and desensitising a political movement. The Party has also recovered before as it is demonstrating now, and has any other Party.

With 3200 delegates, a slate of exciting policy proposals, a new generation of leaders, and serious changes to its constitution, the Party demonstrated the energy and capacity to respond to the contemporary needs of Canadians. The Party overhauled its relationship with members and the public, re-focused on its values, and leapfrogged any other Party in recognizing and addressing the new challenges facing Canada.

Anyone who cherishes a progressive, prosperous, sustainable, and responsible Canada, in a leadership position in the World, can count on the new Liberal Party of Canada.

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Best Western Cornwall


  1. Way to go, Tom! Great letter. Just what we need to shake off the political blues (ha!).

  2. Sorry Tom, but the Liberals will never make it while there are still so many active throwbacks from the Trudeau/Chretien/Martin culture of entitlement (i.e. the what’s in it for me? people). Once these people are all finally thrown out, then there might be hope for the party.

    It’s actually rather sad, because true liberalism is the opposite of extremism, and the only Canadian political party that seriously offers this option is the Federal Green Party under Elizabeth May.

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