Open Mike! by Mike Bedard – Kudos! WTF? & E – Bikes in Cornwall Ontario

Open Mike!  by Mike Bedard – Kudos!  WTF? & E – Bikes in Cornwall Ontario

CFN -I have to admit that Jamie Gilcig had me thinking the Cornwall Free News was closing last week!   Then I realized that it was April Fools and maybe, just maybe, we were all being duped!  Whether we were tricked or whether the public support changed the administrations mind will forever stay a secret.

I would like to begin this week’s article by reminding all of my reader’s that my articles are added late Sunday night / early Monday morning every week.  I have decided to add two new personal comment sections to my weekly column titled “Kudos!” and “WTF!”.


Kudos will highlight local success stories and news articles followed by my personal comments and opinions.  Kudos is purely positive and focuses naturally on encouraging topics, opinions, events and news.  WTF will highlight some of the most outrageously funny or idiotic things happening in our society and around the world.  WTF is an acronym for “What the F$$k!” and although the term itself is controversial; the topic is widely and more commonly used to highlight today’s most discouraging topics, opinions, events and news .


My articles are controversial at times and although many may not agree with them they are purely my opinion and I try to stick to today’s most widely discussed topics found on the streets or on-line that are being discussed amongst the everyday working folk; which is who I wish to represent some day as an aspiring politician.

What happens when you choose a Politician instead of a Representative?

When you choose a politician instead of a representative you have ultimately chosen prominence over virtue and essentially have elected a group or individual that more than likely was elected due to their image rather than their platform.


In Cornwall, during the 2010 municipal election, the majority of those elected arguably had the weakest platforms, if any, and their speeches relied on their reputation or the results of previous council’s successes to be elected rather than outlining the progression they would like to see during the next term.  The problem with outlining the past more so then the future is that the only thing that the specific candidate has done is proven their character!  In my opinion anyone who puts their name up for election has already proven their character and shown their dedication to our community!


Choosing a representative ensures that you will have someone working towards implementing and/or maintaining the same qualities or goals that you believe is needed or value in our city!  If a candidate runs for election and never delivers a clear message or platform then how do you know that they will be useful in guiding our community through the issues of the times?  How do you know that this person is even in touch with what is happening or what the community wants and needs?


Choosing a Politician instead of a Representative is dangerous to municipal politics!  Generally, municipal politicians fit the mold of a representative better than that of a politician but when you have a former MP as mayor you definitely will see that politicians fit in and “get along” better than those who represent a specific portion of the community.


A Politician will bend and take the side of the majority in most topics or the side of their friends or party; while a representative will take the task at hand and, although they may seem “heard headed” at times, they are doing exactly what they need to ensure progressive change is made for the people they represent.  The needs of the people they represent change on a continuous basis and it is important to always have a representative sitting at the council table rather than a politician.


Two huge thumbs up to TONY LUIS who knocked out his opponent in the third round!  It is great to see someone from Cornwall representing us on the world stage!  We are a blue collared town and almost all of us can trace our roots back to some hands-on lineage.  Although boxing is a sport it I personally get a rise from cheering on someone punching someone else in the face.  I always love a good fight.



I recently moved my store into the Eastcourt Mall and I have never seen so many e-bikes before now.  However, what I did notice that a large majority had their pedals removed from the bikes.  Now tell me that these things aren’t the same as an electric moped and I will call you crazy!


The majority of e-bikes look like mopeds and NOT bicycles.  Even though the bicycle looking e-bike is available they are not the most popular.  Look at the latest e-bikes found outside the mall and tell me whether you think this would be safe driving past your 2 year old daughter on the bike path?

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