South Stormont Resident’s Claim to Fame- CANADA’S LARGEST TITANIC MOVIE MEMORABILIA COLLECTION – by Don Smith – April 14, 2012

CFN – Tammie Brazeau Grant of South Stormont has a dream; the Cornwall born and raised gal is a huge fan of Titanic history and would love to witness the creation of a new tourist attraction in nearby Long Sault.  Having amassed Canada’s largest collection of authenticated memorabilia from James Cameron’s 1997 film, Titanic, she is just the person to equip such a history center.  Although Grant hasn’t the time to launch and operate it herself, she has given much thought to the creation of such an enterprise which could help draw more visitors to this beautiful region of Ontario.


This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the massive passenger liner, which saw its demise on its maiden voyage.  Readers may recall that the catastrophy resulted in the loss of some 1,500 lives of the 2,224 people on board.  This is also the 15th anniversary of theTitanic movie.  As such, there is renewed interest in all things Titanic.

Some Original Titanic Footage

Next weekend, on Saturday, April 21st and Sunday April 22nd from 12-5 pm at the South Stormont Community Hall next door to the OPP station in Long Sault, Grant’s collection of over 1,000 props that were used in the making of the movie will be on display to the public.  Some of the more cherished pieces include Jack’s boarding passes, Jack’s luggage, Fabrizzio’s luggage, Rose’s purse, china, linens, an elaborate jewelry collection, wardrobe clothing, silver, life jackets, pieces of the railing, pieces of the ship, a chunk of the replica iceberg and much much more. Everyone is invited to come out and witness movie history.  This also promises to be a wonderful experience for Titanic history buffs.  Admission is free, but donations to “Laura’s Leukemia Fund” are appreciated. Schools are welcome and special tours can be arranged.

New Video of How Titanic Sank

Tammie took time to chat on camera with Cornwall Free News’ Don Smith about her collection and the passion she has for this historic event.  In the photo accompanying this article, Grant displays a few of her favorite pieces from the collection.



  1. Very well done!

  2. nice collection and excellent idea of free will donation and direction of the proceeds

  3. What an amazing collection. I went one of the Titanic museums in Cobh, Ireland. The last place they picked up passengers. The original peir is still there. It was quite moving even 100 years after the sinking.

  4. I’m excited to see Tammie’s collection which is Canada’s largest private collection.

  5. Sorry I missed this event. I had really wanted to go but ended up forgetting.

  6. It was so generous of Tammy to open up her collection! I really enjoying viewing it.

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